Greshun De Bouse Attends Largest African-American History Parade in Nation

  • Global Leader Greshun De Bouse found time in her busy schedule to attend the largest African-Anerican History Parade in the nation.
  • Greshun De Bouse is a 2019 Mover and Shaker of the Year and global trailblazer connected to some of the world's most powerful is always an asset wherever she is.
  • Greshun thinks it honorable for the parade to allow time for DMI to express its animated memorium of Kobe Bryant, and is glad others see in him what she sees in him even beyond basketball.

Everybody’s sweetheart, humanitarian Greshun De Bouse, attended the largest African-American history parade celebration in the nation to usher in Black History Month 2020!  The 32nd Annual African-American History Parade Celebration was held Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 11 am in downtown Shreveport, LA (3rd largest city in the state). In addition to being the largest in the state, the African-American History Parade Celebration is also the only of its kind with four hours of streaming live news coverage, compliments of KTBS Channel 3/KPXJ CW 21. 

The celebration is reportedly “a joint effort on the behalf of the African American Celebration Committee, founder Barbara Norton and the City of Shreveport. KTBS 3/KPXJ CW 21.” So how does Greshun De Bouse fit into all of this? Well, this 2019 Mover and Shaker of the Year and global trailblazer connected to some of the world’s most powerful is always an asset wherever she is.

Among notable parade attendees were of course, Global leader Greshun De Bouse, Bishop Larry Brandon-prominent leader who offered the prayer for the parade, Shreveport Mayor Perkins-who served as this year’s grand marshall and officially started the parade, Tammy Phelps-new state representative for Louisiana House District 3, and musical sensation Michael Love-son of founder former Rep. Norton-who led the crowd in his rendition of the national anthem.  Parade participants include schools, businesses, greek and religious organizations, and more. Shreveport Police Department (SPD), and the Caddo Sherriff’s Office were visibly represented, as were some Shreveport Fire Department (SFD) representatives.

When asked what she loved and appreciated most about the parade, Greshun says:

“It is always awesome to see so many people come together from near and far for positivity! I enjoyed watching the kids from various schools perform musical renditions and corresponding dance routines. It was great seeing Rep. Barbara Norton’s son, Michael Love again as I always enjoy he and his band’s musical stylings.  I love that persons of all ethnicities and from all walks of life were represented and functioning harmoniously-like it should be. I appreciate Officer McFarland (SPD) for allowing me to maneuver to the space where I needed to be and saying ‘If anyone says anything to you, tell them I said you could come through.’

“I enjoyed chatting with Rep. Phelps and Bishop Brandon. But I especially enjoyed learning about the Design Management Institute (DMI) in Shreveport and their animated tribute to gone-to-soon legend Kobe Bryant. The animated tribute is so befitting considering Kobe won an oscar in 2018 for his animated short film ‘Dear Basketball’. That’s love!” 

You may recall the recent Google News article in which Greshun tells of when she first heard about Kobe Bryant, as well as her encounter with him.  Greshun says:

“For others to see in him [beyond basketball] what I see in him is so beautiful. Kobe’s multilingualism, love for story-telling, ‘Mamba Mentality’, yet gentle familial-conducive spirit permeate the hearts and souls of all.  He definitely inspires me to work harder, be better. GiGi literally was ‘just like him’ with a ‘Mambacita’ mentality that is unmatched. Watching her play basketball with such vigor at her age is amazing. I speak of them both in present tense because it is evident their spirits still are here with us.  I think it was quite gracious of and honorable for former Rep. Norton to allow time during the parade for DMI to broadcast how they memorialized Kobe via animation. That was a definite highlight. I would be remiss if I did not mention the super huge cake rolled out by chefs amid the parade. Can you say awesomeness? I can!  Everyone knows I love positivity, and my heart was glad while at this event.”

There you have it! The largest African-American History Parade in the nation is blessed with the presence of our beloved Greshun De Bouse. Thank you Greshun for finding time in your bust schedule to attend and inform us about it.

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