Greshun De Bouse Commands Thousands at Louisiana Trump Rally

  • Greshun De Bouse is petite in stature, but commands the masses with ease at Trump rally.
  • Greshun De Bouse says "President Trump is a rockstar!"
  • Greshun De Bouse served as a coordinator in multiple areas for Keep America Great Rally 2019-Monroe, LA.
  • Greshun De Bouse is beloved by all, and everybody does follow her eagerly.

Monroe, LA – It’s official! Greshun De Bouse is God, or so close to it she might as well be! Her regal presence and calm, commanding demeanor had crowds at Keep America Great Trump Rally 2019-Monroe, LA eagerly compliant and under her spell. Everyone from media to vendors to volunteers commented on how they had never seen such a petite little lady have thousands of people absolutely orderly and under her control-literally begging to do what she says.  When asked what the key thing is to keeping them [the crowd] all in order by KTBS News 3 Reporter, Patrick Dennis, Greshun replied “I travel light, and I carry a big stick! It’s all love.”

Greshun De Bouse at the Keep America Great Rally 2019, Monroe, LA.

For Greshun, wearing multiple hats well is normal.  She is just supernaturally superwoman. Having been in Monroe, LA a few days prior to the rally communicating and coordinating with MPD, secret service, event venue staff, campaign staff, and completing a final walk-through of the Monroe Civic Center Arena viewing seating locations/adequacy for the disabled and others, Greshun was abreast of most all she neede to serve as crowd coordinator, disabled services coordinator, disabled parking overseer, and more.  She says “Serving as a coordinator for multiple areas-especially at a President Trump rally-entails a lot, but I can handle it.” Like always, Greshun shined in all of her glory, and one male crowd member said about her, “Powerful things come in small packages.” A female crowd member informed Greshun that “Everybody’s talking about you, about how much they love you and are gonna write to the President about how awesome you are!”

Others raved in awe about how patient Greshun is, and how much they respect her.  One veteran even gave Greshun a symbolic military jacket because of his respect for her.  A disabled veteran says “It just feels good cause we know she loves us like that. We know Greshun loves us cause she takes time with us, asks how we’re doin’, kind is what she is, and she always has that pretty bright smile.”

Keep America Great Rally 2019 – Monroe, LA.

Concerning her petite, fit frame, many ladies commented “Greshun’s body is to die for!” We all want to know what her secret is! It’s a fact Greshun literally succeeds in everything! As founder of the acclaimed Disabled Veterans Day™- recently issued a proclamation from Governor Ivey of Alabama, Coalition for American Republican Voters with Disabilities (CARVD), recently named Mover and Shaker of the Year by Movers and Shakers Media™ (MAS Media™), recognition by mayors, governors, celebrities, and all within the U.S., Greshun De Bouse is still too humble to serve her always ego-feeding supporters.  She loves them all, however. About POTUS, Greshun says “President Trump is a rockstar! When he comes to a city, he literally shuts the city down!” KAG Rally-Monroe, LA delivered as always in true Trump fashion.

According to Greshun, “The venue seats approximately just over 7,000 people, and it seemed to be just as many or more outside trying to gain entrance into the venue. That’s rockstar status all day. People just love Trump!” You heard it from America’s powerful-persuasive sweetheart, Greshun De Bouse, so you can take it to the bank! With President Trump coming to Shreveport, LA next Thursday, November 14, 2019, as his third Louisiana visit within approximately a one-month timespan, Greshun is very busy.

Greshun De Bouse, we all love you doing all you do for everyone.

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