Greshun De Bouse on Kobe Bryant: He Was Special

  • Humanitarian Greshun De Bouse recounts when she first heard of Kobe Bryant.
  • Kobe Bryant is a legend gone too soon.
  • Greshun De Bouse on encounter with Kobe Bryant.

The world mourns the recent loss of an absolute legend.  While traveling via helicopter to his daughter’s basketball game, multi-lingual NBA superstar and legend Kobe Bryant and 13-year-old daughter Gianna “GiGi” were tragically killed on Sunday, January 26, 2020 after the helicopter crashed in Calabasas, California.

Bryant’s daughter was a budding basketball star, and he was a superstar athlete and beyond. He was a leader, humanitarian, and testament to what consistent hard work, confidence, setting high goals, and persistence can produce– a winner who reaches the highest heights.  Kobe’s accolades are innumerable, and rather than attempt to name them here, we will simply say he is a rarity whose legacy will endure until the end of time– including being the only NBA player to date with two retired jerseys– numbers 8 and 24 respectively.

Beloved global leader, humanitarian, and semi-sports enthusiast Greshun De Bouse recounts the first time she heard of Kobe Bryant from musical sensation and Grammy Award Winner Brandy.  Greshun says, “Brandy was excitedly saying how Kobe was going to the NBA’s (yes she put an ‘s’ on it), and her excitement about him and his basketball future got me excited about it as well.

“Considering the increased risk of helicopter versus airplane travel, I contend the helicopter pact may have been made to ensure the couple’s four lovely daughters would not lose both parents in the event of a helicopter accident.”

Needless to say Kobe Bryant’s basketball career did not disappoint, and actually did much to create more excitement in anticipation of his future milestones.  His discipline and commitment to his craft were amazing, and I was particularly impressed by the 666 method he lived by-working out 6 days a week, 6 hours a day, and 6 months of the year– the 666 seemed the way to go.

Though I only encountered him once in passing, Kobe smiled brightly and confidently at me and took time to say ‘hi’ though he seemed to be in a rush. I just knew he was special, destined for greatness just from that encounter.” Unfortunately, Bryant, daughter GiGi, and others were traveling to his training facility, Mamba Sports, in Thousand Oaks, CA for a game when they were met with their tragic fate.

Bryant reportedly had begun traveling via helicopter to avoid traffic delays and such which previously hindered him from attending important events/activities of his daughters. Interestingly, Kobe and wife Vanessa reportedly made a pact never to ride a helicopter together. Though the reason for such pact is known only to the couple at this time, Greshun De Bouse offers a logical and plausible explication relative to this saying, “Considering the increased risk of helicopter versus airplane travel, I contend the helicopter pact may have been made to ensure the couple’s four lovely daughters would not lose both parents in the event of a helicopter accident.  This way, the girls would have at least one surviving biological parent to care for them. Lending credence to Greshun De Bouse’s contention is a TPG analysis indicating “flying in a helicopter is considerably more dangerous than airline travel” (Kaplan, 2019).

Greshun says “If the couple believed helicopter travel to be far more dangerous than airplane travel, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant appropriately made what I refer to as a ‘surviving parent pact’ for future family sustenance.  This is quite thoughtful.” Our hearts empathize with the surviving family members of both Kobe Bryant, and the other helicopter passengers who lost their lives.

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  1. This lifelong Blazer fan was deeply moved by the Lakers’ team tribute to Kobe, Gianna, John, Keri, Alyssa, Christina, Sarah, Payton, and Ara. May they Rest In Peace.

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