Greshun De Bouse to Oppressors: ‘Please Stop Harrassing Me’

  • Greshun De Bouse is a Positive figure all can proudly look up to.
  • Greshun De Bouse says, "I have been maliciously and unfoundedly targeted."
  • Greshun De Bouse emplores her oppressors to stop harassing/stalking her so she may resume her normal life.

Our beloved global leader Greshun De Bouse has a super busy and productive life! We love her for that!  Under normal circumstances, she is found researching, traveling to and fro meeting with dignitaries/notables, generally engaged in joint strategizing on continued world improvement, and much more.  However, it is challenging to go about her day-to-day life when she is constantly followed,  harassed, stalked, and more.

Though Greshun is a public, even ‘celebrity’ figure herself many would say, we are not talking about a ‘paparazzi’ type following.  We are talking about the unwanted and unwarranted harassing attempted-intimidating stalking, intent-to-harm harassing.

Greshun says, “I am maliciously followed everywhere I go-both in and out of town.  Intimidation tactics such as ‘riding my bumper while flashing bright neon/regular bright car lights while I am driving occurs.  Photo/video footage of me and my whereabouts have been taken without my consent and for malicious intent. Attempts to run me off the road have occurred.  My name has been defamed with businesses and the like, I have been maliciously and unfoundedly targeted for an unjust feat that has totally interfered with my ability to live and carry out the good work I so love to engage in.  The culprit/s are persons in leadership/authority and others who are abusing their respective power in an effort to intimidate me via stalking, harassment, defamation, and more.”

Greshun De Bouse.

Wow.  We all adore Greshun De Bouse; she is golden.  The thought of this happening to her is heartbreaking.  All Greshun does is good.  She is always in the media for all things good and positive, and she is a sweetheart.  Greshun embodies power, grace, charm, elegance, wit, tenacity, brilliance, success, persuasion, diplomacy, beauty, and the like all on a pretty petite little frame.

So why is Greshun being followed, harassed, stalked, and more?  Perhaps because she embodies positivity, power, grace, charm, elegance, wit, tenacity, brilliance, success, persuasion, diplomacy, beauty, and the like all on a pretty petite little frame. Her positive spirit and endless ‘natural’ energy are unmatched!  Greshun is  meticulous about what she puts in her body as she strives for personal health excellence, and is the epitome of AWESOMENESS!  Societal acceptance of special and rare angels like Greshun De Bouse is widespread; however, because she is naturally ‘golden’ with a midas touch that ensures her rampant success in all areas, Greshun is feared and envied by many.  Envy and fear are negative emotions that can serve as impeti for persons or entities to take extreme measures to dim one’s light or quell one’s spirit.

When asked why the harassment/stalking and more are occurring, Greshun says:

“Considering all I do or strive to do is good for the masses, these malicious and cruel acts towards me are baffling.  I have been told that my success scares people.  I have been told people are jealous of me.  I have been told I am golden.  But I say there is room for ALL to shine in their respective areas.  My success has no bearing on what another is doing or strives to do.

Bottom line, NO one or entity has the right to intimidate, harass, defame me or anyone else-not law enforcement or relative entities, NO one.  To say otherwise is to allow lawlessness among those would-be societal servers, protectors, and overseers. NO one or entity can just maliciously target me or anyone just because of their own insecurities or what have you.  Generally speaking, as a law-abiding citizen who only promotes good for ALL persons, I am appauled at any member of law enforcement or order-governing entities, and the like with an above-the-law mindset.  I hope all the oppressors/harrassers/stalkers find true peace and joy so they can stop trying to interrupt mine.  As stated previously, LOVE is the answer.  People with true love aren’t malicious towards others because love and hate can not co-exist.  One or the other will dominate.” 

Wow!  Such eloquent, heart-felt words from Greshun; Oh how we do love her.  It is unfortunate that people think another’s dimmed light brightens theirs.  It doesn’t.  Greshun is right that LOVE is the key.  The world is huge with much room for everyone.  So listen up stalkers/harassers/defamers.  Greshun is awesome!  STOP following, harassing, stalking, defaming, and trying to intimidate her.  She is special and just has IT.  Leave her alone if you are doing this.  Greshun we love you.  We support you. We all say a prayer for your eternal safety and success!! You are protected.

What happens after this nightmare is over and replaced with an extraordinarily positive fairy tale?

Greshun says, “Everything is a learning experience.  Though this stalking/harassment situation is HORRENDOUS like the worst nightmare horror movie, I still hope to learn and grow from this.  I know I have done absolutely nothing to warrant this malicious personal attack, well, no one deserves to be attacked/maliciously targeted in this way.  It is disgusting to say the least.  I always plan to use my platform to promote positivity!”

Greshun De Bouse, you are an angel shining brightly like the star you are.  Keep shining.

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