Grooming Products Market Growing : Products for Skin, Hair, Lips, and Teeth

  • Increasing adoption of grooming products is driving growth of the market in emerging economies.
  • Stringent regulations regarding ingredients and changing consumer preferences are restraining growth of the market.
  • Asia Pacific region has largest market in the global grooming products.

Grooming products are used to clean or nourish the body. The products are utilized for various body parts such as skin, hair, lips, and teeth. Increasing adoption of grooming products for aesthetic appeal is driving growth of the market in emerging economies. Increasing awareness towards overall body care and social trends have resulted in market growth. However, stringent regulations regarding ingredients and growing preference of consumers towards organic products is restraining growth of the market.

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The online distribution channel segment is projected to hold dominant position in market, owing to high convenience offered to the consumers. Customers are referring the internet for grooming tips, which has resulted in a rise of grooming websites and blogs, which in turn is fueling growth of the market. The skin care segment is projected account for major market share along with shaving and make up products, owing to growing concerns regarding aesthetic appeal.

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Global Grooming Products Market Outlook

  • Asia Pacific region has largest market in the global grooming products. Increasing urban population has contributed to growth of the market. Increasing number of local players offering grooming products at cheap rate are also fueling growth of the market. India and China are expected to be major markets in this region, owing to the large populations in these economies. According to International Monetary Fund, Asia Pacific region accounted for 50% of the world’s GDP and is projected to become a prime consumer hub for grooming products over the forecast period.
  • Market in North America and Europe is lucrative with less market players. Increased spending by the youth to cope up with global fashion trends is major driver for growth of the market. Germany, France, UK, and the USA are major players in the grooming products market. According to Cosmetics Europe, the personal care industry which included grooming products industry was valued at US$ 91 Million with Germany being the largest market in Europe.
  • The advent of male vanity and social media trends has augmented growth in the grooming products market in Latin America.
  • Middle East region has witness highest growth of halal grooming products i.e. products not tested on animals and free of alcohol. Skincare segment is projected to witness highest growth, owing to adverse temperature conditions in the region. UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are major players due to high disposable incomes of the population in these economies.


Snapdeal, a popular Indian online marketplace, revealed increased use of grooming products by men in their sales report. Face care, body care, and hair care were more popular among men than women according to the company. Major players operating the grooming products market include Beiersdorf AG, Colgate-Palmolive, Coty Inc, Energizer Holdings Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Koninklijke N.V., L’Oreal Group, and Mirato S.p.A

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