GSA Releases Funds, Beginning Biden Transition

  • The Trump candidacy had tried unsuccessfully to challenge the results, for example, in Georgia and Pennsylvania.
  • Donald Trump's efforts to try and reverse the defeat he suffered in the elections have increasingly been met with resistance in the courts and from other Republicans.
  • Joe Biden has already begun selecting his cabinet.

The United States’ General Services Administration (GSA) has begun to pave the way for the formal transition of the Biden Administration that was being blocked by the Trump administration. Several US and international media agencies have reported that the head of the General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, has started the process of transition, even though President Donald Trump is still trying to reverse the results of the elections in the states considered to be most important in the electoral college.

Trump administration officially begins transition to Biden after weeks of delay.

The Trump campaign had tried unsuccessfully to challenge the results, for example, in Georgia and Pennsylvania. In the most recent blow to the outgoing president, he was defeated in Michigan, which has since certified President-Elect Biden’s victory.

This decision paves the way for Democrat Joe Biden to be able to access federal agencies and funds so that he can begin to formally constitute the administration that will govern the country for the next four years, and whose inauguration is scheduled for January 20 next year.

As reported by the Star Tribune, in Minneapolis, Donald Trump has, in a way, showed his eventual willingness to hand over power, instructing his team to cooperate in the transition of administrations.

However, the incumbent President of the United States of America still promises to continue fighting in his bid to reverse the results, which he has all along deemed fraudulent.

Michigan’s Department of State certified Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the state Monday despite pressure from Donald Trump to delay the process. Michigan is one of the decisive states in the US presidential election.

After analyzing the report carried out by a commission, which reported Joe Biden’s victory in that state by 154,000 votes, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers, composed of two Democrats and two Republicans, confirmed President-Elect Biden’s victory with three votes in favor and one abstention.

The decision is yet another setback in President Trump’s efforts to use to change the reported outcome of the presidential elections. Under the law of Michigan, President-Elect Biden claims all 16 electoral votes after winning by 2.8%.

This is a larger margin than in other states where Donald Trump also disputes the results, such as Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Donald Trump’s efforts to confront alleged election fraud in the elections have increasingly been met with resistance in the courts and from other Republicans.

The transition from Donald Trump to Joe Biden has officially begun.

In just three weeks, the members of the Electoral College will meet to officially elect Joe Biden president. At this rate, Joe Biden will succeed Donald Trump in January next year even though Trump hasn’t conceded defeat.

Joe Biden has already begun constituting his government, and he has chosen former Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Janet Yellen to become Treasury Secretary. The appointee is set to be the first woman to hold the key position.

In addition, the President-Elect has chosen Antony Blinken to be the next Secretary of State. Former Secretary of State, presidential candidate, and US Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry, is set to head the fight against climate change. Alejandro Mayorkas will be the next Secretary of Homeland Security.

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