Hail to Czar Putin – The Official Verbatim Proposed Amendments to Russian Constitution Are Here

  • Russia's working class is shorted again.
  • The option 1 and 2 on the ballot is designed to make it confusing for an average Russian citizen to understand what they are voting for.
  • After the law takes effect, Vladimir Putin will direct the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on "conforming" them.

The official verbatim of the Russian Constitution proposed amendments became available. Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed the amendments to the Russian Constitution on January 15, 2020. In the new amendments, the Russian working class again is shorted. Instead, Russian politicians divide the powers between them for their personal goals and gain.

Instead of legislative and planned development of science and culture, it focuses on religion and national ideas for ordinary workers and their families. It is done purely for social engineering propaganda. During the Soviet Era religion was frowned upon, as communism does not have a place for religion. Now the new amendments dictate to Russians what religion they should follow. Seventh Day Adventists and similar religious groups are pretty much banned in Russia. If one follows that religion, the children can be taken away by the government. During divorce, if one parent is a follower of such a religion, it would be an automatic termination of their chance at custody.

Additionally, the amendments contain verbiage about protecting Russia’s national interests in the field of innovative technologies (favorable to the Kremlin of course).

The most concerning part is that during the upcoming vote on the amendments, it is designed to be very difficult for an average Russian citizen to understand, which option (1 or 2) they are actually voting for. How can I, as an organizer and a voter, understand that the results of the last vote are legitimate, given the nuances in the verbatim text?

According to the text, the Law (the amendments) will go into force after approval by the legislative authorities, and not less than two thirds of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, with the exception of articles 1 and 2 of the Law which enter into force in a special order.

After the law takes effect, Putin will “direct the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation about conformity to the provisions of chapters 1, 2 and 9 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. According to my translation, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation will have 7 days to provide their opinion (of course favorable) pertaining to compliance (or non-compliance) with the provisions of chapters 1, 2 and 9 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, pending its entry into force the provisions of this Act, and also about conformity (discrepancy) of the Constitution of the Russian Federation of the procedure for the entry into force of article 1 of this Law.

If the Court were to decide the chapters are not in compliance, they do not enter into force. The amendments will go into force as long is 50% of Russians are in favor of them. Therefore, it is an automatic pass.

My full translation of the verbatim of all the official  amendments proposed is available here.

It is clear that the amendments will pass. The whole trajectory and current political situation in Russia will allow such to pass. The vote is just a formality to pretend that Russia has a democratic style of governance, when in fact, it is more of a dictatorship. Yet, the situation is not as severe as China or North Korea. Nevertheless, freedom in Russia is more of an illusion. The social engineering aspect of it and outcome signals otherwise.

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