Has Ebanel Violated FDA Rules with Launch of Illegal Product?

We believe the Ebanel pain relief product with both Ultra-Potent Hemp Extract and Menthol is unethical and illegal under the rules of the Federal Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has not approved hemp or cannabis products.

Max Strength Back Pain Relief Cream, 2.3oz Purest 750mg Hemp Extract Hemp Cream Ointment Rub for Back Pain, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Hip Pain, Muscle Soreness, Instant Pain Relief

The FDA has not approved this use. Hemp extract can not be included with any FDA active ingredient, or an FDA approved use like “pain relief.” For example menthol is considered an FDA active ingredient for pain relief.  All pain relief products with menthol must work under the FDA regulatory umbrella.

Hemp oil and Menthol are both ingredients.

Our very simple understanding is that if you use menthol for pain relief, you can not also use any non approved FDA products like cannabis or hemp. So to make a consumer product out of hemp or in this case “Ultra-Potent Hemp extract for pain relief,” is a violation of FDA requirements.

Any product with menthol approved for pain relief must work under the FDA umbrella. Hemp and cannabis do not qualify under the FDA guideline requirements. Ebanel claims they have a hemp product for pain relief that includes menthol. To our understanding, this is an illegal product. Ebanel then claims they make the product in an FDA licensed facility. So they are claiming this illegal product is made under the FDA umbrella. We talked to pain relief competitors and they say, “there is no way can you combine a non FDA-approved product with a registered active ingredient.” They claim Ebanel is 100% putting their FDA entire approval at risk.  With Ebanel what’s new!

To make matters worse, we believe Ebanel is buying large scale fake reviews for this product. This is also illegal. The FDA considers it highly unethical for an FDA-approved company to use fake reviews. The FDA regulates advertising and marketing around approved products with what can and can’t be claimed. Ebanel posting fake reviews and making false claims is not in anyway acceptable.

We have documented a vast history of Ebanel using fake reviews to sell their FDA-monikered product with lidocaine.

This week’s illegal fake reviewed product is Ebanel’s Max Strength Back Pain Relief Cream

We did a sample search of the top four 5-Star reviews and we believe this is another fake review fraud.

Soul Reviewed:


Marisol09 Reviewed:


Bridges Ada Reviewed:

Flittor  mention in previous article with the same fake review farm

Kbmcguck Reviewed:

Travelambo  (We wrote articles specifically on their fraud and “Best Seller” badge)

We also looked at the first 2 reviews on June 3rd

Emily Johnson Reviewed:


SeñoraHernandez Reviewed:

AMICCOM   (Mention in a previous article using the same fake review farm)

In over two months they compiled 85 reviews. That is over 1.4 a day– Amazing for a new product launch! Having two people review your product on the first day that you launch is incredible, since they haven’t even received it yet. It’s also interesting that the “customers” all work for the same fake review farm. If they are averaging one review for every 300 buyers (which is close to the norm), they are doing a half million dollars of business in the first two months. Again, these are amazing results after only a two month launch in a new category.

We don’t believe they stopped the fake reviews, they just got better at hiding it. We only sampled two batches of reviews because we did not have the time to review all 87 reviews, yet both samples failed. At this point, it’s been clearly documented that Ebanel is falsifying their reviews which is known as “false advertising” and highly unethical for any FDA controlled substance.

Not that it’s much of a defense for Ebanel, but it appears that every major hemp product for sale on Amazon contains serial fake consumer reviews.  Review fraud is commonplace now at Amazon.com and in specific categories such as “hemp for pain relief” it looks like a very rewarding place to sell products during the current cannabis deregulation cycle.

Many firms want attain the pole position at the start of this cannabis market, and it’s now a full-on fake review arms race, with multi-competitors pumping out fake reviews, many at “Ebanel levels” just to stay on top. No honest company could legally compete with such outright review fraud. It looks like Ebanel will fit into this market well.

How sick is Amazon.com going to become?  These Hemp for pain relief companies will soon be pushing the fake review fraud to its limits. Only the firms with the most fraud reviews will win Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badges in this newly prized market. The fraudsters are now just competing among themselves for top placement on Amazon. Unless legal, moral or ethical powers come into play.

Decent businesspeople have almost not choice but to move on from Amazon. America’s largest retailer has build a system that severely disadvantages honest companies and rewards outright consumer fraud. Amazon has given over vast marketshare (in hundreds of categories such as hemp) to companies that could not succeed without fake review farms.

Amazon is trying to make money off fake reviews.

Ebanel’s trifecta of fakery

We have documented how Ebanel violates the rules and spits in the face of almost every Amazon policy. Now add the FDA to the list of policies and rules that Ebanel is breaking. They are the poster child for everything that is wrong on the Internet. The biggest fraud of all is on the consumer. Polling shows that 80% of Amazon buyers believe the reviews. While Amazon goes on claiming “one unauthorized fake reviews is too many,” they not only sit idle while crooks run wild on their platform, they constantly reward it!

Combine FDA violations and consumer fraud with Amazon rewarding fake reviews, and you have a company in Ebanel that is winning a trifecta of riches on the backs of unsuspecting customers.

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