Hatred of Your Brother Spreads Corona

  • Anti-Semitism is one of the causes of corona
  • The hatred between the secular and religious causes corona
  • Love of your fellow brother is the way to recovery from corona

The second temple in Jerusalem was destroyed because of hatred for your brother. This is also the cause of Corona virus.

Corona virus Copid-19 is a threat to the lives of many people.  It has already killed 45,541 infected 912,650, 191,826 people have recovered. More than anything it has caused the world to stop for a moment and think. There is very little to do when sitting in your home waiting for permission to go out of quarantine.  All of Israel is in quarantine.  Permission is given to go out only for certain vital reasons like to shop for food, go to the pharmacy, certain types of work considered vital, and to step out 100 meters from your home. Everyone going out is required to wear a mask.  Gatherings of people for various vital functions are limited.  When walking out it is required to stay two meters apart.

This is a replica of a bronze snake which Moses built in the wildness to counteract a plague. The angel Rafael is hanging on this pole who is the representative of God to do the work of healing in this world. This symbol was adopted to be on ambulances and pharmacies. The Angel Rafael as a messenger of God should bring to the whole world the healing for corona. Copy this picture and hang it up in your home for protection against the virus.

The whole purpose of quarantine is to save a life.  The elderly are most vulnerable and many elderly men and women have died from Corona. People with medical issues may die even at younger ages. People recover. Their antibodies have fought off the disease. These antibodies which were produced by people who healed may be effective to use to heal others through modern technology. It can be taken from blood donation and used to produce plasma for transfusions.  Laboratories throughout the world are working on this solution and other solutions through medicine to save lives. Israel and other countries are working on a conventional vaccine where the virus is weakened to the point which it can produce these antibodies even before is contacted the disease and without causing illness.

The world is asked to be patient and wait.  Obey the most practical advice today which is quarantine. China, Hong Kong, and South Korea are the examples of the benefits of strict quarantine.  Corona has crippled the world economy.  Suffering poverty is compared to death.  Millions of Syrian refugees are homeless today because of the aggression of Assad and Iran.  Their suffering is far greater than sitting in a house with TV and internet, wearing a mask and gloves eating three meals a day.  We pray for the Messiah each day including in this pray is the healing of the sick.

Corona has struck certain places harder than other places. Italy, Spain and Western Europe have been hardest hit. The death toll in these places is very high.  It is hard to figure out why in these places is the death count so high.  America has the largest amount of infection. President Trump has given America bad news in order to encourage Americans to work together to stop the spread of the virus. From the first day in office of his four year term, he tried his best to correct many problems in the world and America which he considered to have been ignored by the previous administrations.  Corona is the problem which he never expected. He improved the American economy in a way that it was never before. Corona has destroyed these American Trump dreams. He went out on a campaign MAGA and is still is on this campaign. The job of MAGA is not easy.  Besides opposition in America to these dreams from liberals which included many Jews, God interfered with crippling hurricanes, fires, corona disease, terrorism from within, and jealousy from within. In Israel Trump is considered a hero moving his embassy to Jerusalem and defending Israel in its battle for survival in a chaotic Middle East.

Looking for a reason why God sent to the world Corona is similar to finding a reason for the holocaust. The holocaust was caused by an evil man Hitler who made the Jewish people scapegoats in his campaign to conquer Europe.  Six million Jews were killed in the holocaust and more than forty million innocent souls. The Lubavitcher Rebbe when asked about the cause of the holocaust refused to answer. Corona is a natural disaster and the only one that can be blamed is God. Blaming God for corona is also recognition that God is the creator of the universe the giver of the Torah the five books of Moses which begins with the words, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Scientists do not look for a spiritual cause of disasters but work within nature to find a solution. Blaming God will not help. Many people not only blame God for Corona; they also blame the Jewish people since they have brought religion into the world. Without a doubt the Jewish people are connected to belief in God.  The survival of the Jewish people from the establishment of the Biblical Nation of Israel until the establishment of the Modern State of Israel is connected to their heritage and the guidance of Moses their prophet through the Law of Moses and the Old Testament.

The Magen David also called the Star of David or the Shield of David shows the secret of the unity of heaven and earth. These are two triangles represent earth facing upward and heaven facing downward. The sides of the triangles are the three angels Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael in an eternal unity. Copy the flag with the Magen David and hang it in your home for a blessing and protection from Corona.

From the establishment of the Biblical State of Israel came to the world Christianity and afterward Islam. Besides blaming God and the Jewish people, blame Christianity and Islam for Corona because they are also faiths which believe in the One God. When you blame the Jewish people you also blame Moses their prophet who gave them their law.  Blame Jesus for not correcting the world, removing suffering and disease from the world. Blame Mohammed that the prayers of his followers five times a day have not helped solve the problems of life, Muslim children are suffering in Syria and Yemen.

For a person who claims to believe in God and the Bible, to be anti-sematic makes him an idiot.  An atheist doesn’t blame God for Corona but works as a humanitarian to solve the problems of the world to live and be happy.  Atheists attack religion because it sometimes teaches hatred and ignores the need for modern science. Religious fundamentalists blame atheists for Corona especially those people who speak out against religion and commit publically sins which are forbidden in the Bible. Christian anti-Semites may blame the Jews like the conservative pastor who publishes his anti-Semitic philosophy.

Religion is one package.  It began with Abraham in Genesis who started the way to bring religion into the world. Today there are three major western religions connected to the Bible which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  All these three religions are separate. Each one claims to solution of God to make the world the kingdom of God with peace and love.  The fact that the religious Jewish people in Israel and New York have been hit hardest by the Corona plague is no indication to blame them or their God for Corona or any other natural disaster.

President Trump is not to blame for corona because of his efforts to try to help Israel. Italy which is hardest hit in Europe located next to the Vatican does not make Jesus the blame for corona. Muslims are suffering more than any other people in Syria and Yemen, they cannot be the blame for Corona. Corona came to wake up the world and to unite the world in the goal of save a life. All the synagogues in New York and Israel have been closed. Churches have been closed. Mosques have been closed.

Corona is bringing to the world a new universal light within its darkness. While religion has brought solutions to mankind with faith in God in different ways each by its own prophet, Corona has brought to the world a humanitarian ideal which is also included in religion, SAVE A LIFE.  Health is recognized by all religions, and all of humanity for its universal importance. In Spirituality the representative of health is Rafael the angel. Health includes in it Mental Health and medicine. Mental Health is supported by faith in God that everything is good.

There are millions of angels who are the ministers of God but Michael, Gabriel and Rafael are the most important. Each one has many angels working in their behalf.  Michael stands at the right of Rafael. Gabriel stands at his left. Rafael is the universal light of health and happiness which is being suppressed and will be soon revealed through the healing of Corona virus. Through Corona the whole world has been united. Rafael the angel is the Commander and chief of the army of God fighting Corona. The two sides right and left which represent the angels Michael and Gabriel work together with Rafael in the battle against Corona but each side still remains separate defending their own issues love and fear.  Rafael is the attribute of mercy which includes love and fear. We are seeing at this time of the pandemic a revelation of Godliness which has never before been revealed in history.

The hyssop plant was used by Jews for protection from the Angel of Death on Passover night. Today they make from this plant a spice which may be for people protection from Corona virus. Use this spice in your salads, soup, or take a teaspoon of zatta hyssop spice with olive oil two times a day. God should protect you and your family.

The Ministry of Health and science leads this battle but the battle includes heavenly angels which they cannot understand. It says in Psalms 115:16, the heavens belong to God and the earth to man.  The humanitarian looks at the battle against Corona as completely natural without connecting it to heaven.  From the spiritual eye of religion the source of Corona virus is in the heavens like everything else by divine providence. The earth and heaven are at war in the battle of Corona. Places of worship have been closed and religious communities have become infected through religious gatherings which are have now been forbidden. Perhaps Corona will finally bring together the secular and religious in Israel that each one should respect the other side.

Religion also has two sides.  Judaism and Islam consider family purity of first importance, the side of earth in religion. They have almost completely nullified the universal light connected to heaven for the sake of purification of the earth. Christianity came through rebellion against limiting religion to purification of the earth through family purity and taught its followers that through celibacy is the greatest connection to God. Now is the time for all sides to have respect between each other even for the religious to respect the secular humanitarian who cares and fights for life.

Judaism began the work of mankind to bring the light of God from heaven down to earth until it became revealed in the holy temple in Jerusalem.  God’s presence on earth does not limit God to earth alone. Through Christianity God revealed that his dwelling place on earth does not limit him to earth alone. God is unlimited. He dwells primarily in heaven, “the heavens belong to God.”  Now through religion his presence is also felt on earth but he is still in heaven the attribute of mercy. The attribute of God of mercy and freedom connected to Rafael the angel gives the permission for humanitarian agnostics to do their work in laboratories and administration of health without looking for miracles which very often happen. Even the religious scholars have decreed not to depend on miracles, obey the rules of the Department of Health. Religious Jews in Brooklyn and Bnei Brak thought that they didn’t need to listen to the instructions of the Health Department who were secular Jews and they ended up in greater mess.

Everyone needs respect for the next person.  There is no place for anti-Semitism or anti-religion and there is no place for disrespect to humanitarians. The heavens will always belong to God. The earth can be a place for God when there is friendship and respect. Only God is one. He reveals himself in many ways even sometimes as the humanitarian who is agnostic or atheist. At the end of time is revealed the resurrection of Moses with Jesus and Mohammed the Universal faith united with religion. The population of the world continues to grow despite Corona virus. We grow in wisdom from Corona. The old wise men die and there is born a new generation. Humility the attribute of Moses replaces arrogance with wisdom.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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