Here is How to Attract the Right Kind of Customers

  • Back in 1995, if you said “online marketing,” it meant only one thing: e-mails.
  • Google has evolved into more than an online search engine.
  • A store that offers 10% off all year round is likely to attract shoppers than a retail business that offers 30% off everything one week a year.

One of the biggest mistakes overenthusiastic marketers make is to advertise a product or a service to everyone. There are many products and services out there which every human being needs but offering them to literally every person on the planet is a sure sign you need an overhaul of your marketing strategy.

What your business needs are customers who are ideal for your company’s products. However, attracting the right kind of customers is not a walk in the park. You need to apply several marketing tricks in order to target your offer precisely.

E-mail marketing is alive and well

Back in 1995, if you said “online marketing,” it meant only one thing: e-mails. Although they have lost their value as communication channels, e-mails are alive and well, so there is no reason not to incorporate them into your online marketing strategy.

E-mails have stood the test of time and now they yield high conversion rates for marketers bold enough to use them. Their greatest benefit is the fact that only certain customers will receive them (restrain from sending spam to unknown e-mail addresses).

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A Google My Business account is a must nowadays

Over the years, Google has evolved into more than an online search engine. Holidaymakers use it to get info about travel destinations, while it has become a business directory for customers and entrepreneurs alike. You can take advantage of Google’s My Business feature by opening an account and effectively advertising your business for zero cash.

After you open the account, your local business will appear in Google searches and it will be listed on Google Maps. In terms of SEO, potential customers will find you quicker and easier, getting all the relevant info in one place (the pricelist, working hours, the exact address, etc.).

The final segment of My Business is the ability to leave a review. First, clients will rate your business from 1 to 5 stars and then they’ll write a short comment, referring you to others. If your business gets a lot of positive reviews, you can hope for a higher position in Google search results.

The power of discounts and freebies

If you took a stroll down any shopping district in the world, the shop windows would probably be brimming with the sign “SALE.” While sales are a way to attract customers, you must make sure that the discount you offer are legit and unique.

A store that offers 10% off all year round is likely to attract shoppers than a retail business that offers 30% off everything one week a year. In fact, sales and discounts are so efficient in attracting new customers that they are sometimes worth going in the red for a couple of days.

With the advent of online commerce, it has never been easier to initiate a sale or place an item on a discount. If you seek to gain an edge over the competition, offer your clients freebies. This will make your offer one of a kind, which is precisely what shoppers are after. A complimentary keychain or free delivery are the seemingly insignificant details that will secure a sale and leave your competitors eating dust.

Visit trade shows

Regardless of the industry you are in, there are bound to be various kinds of tradeshows, exhibitions, and fairs you can visit. These are important for networking, as you make new acquaintances from the industry and expand your network of potential partners.

Events like trade shows also offer a chance to present your brand to the public and potential clients. You should get in touch with companies like Display Me to get the best show displays. The more representative your stand is, the more customers you’ll attract and you’ll send an overall positive message.

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Blog comments matter

If you’re savvy at online marketing, then you have already commissioned blogs for the next months. However, have you ever considered interacting with your colleagues’ and competitors’ blogs and vlogs? Namely, blogs in your niche are visited by the same people you want to convert into potential clients, so leaving a comment or two on other people’s blogs is a form of guerilla marketing.

What is more, you can leave a link to your website, blog, or a social media page, as part of an explanation you give in the comments section of a given blog. If written accordingly, the comment will actually add value to the blog and in return get ranked by Google.

These blog posts can either be organic or you can actively cooperate with influential bloggers from your industry. This cooperation often develops into a joint venture which is a win-win situation for both parties.

Give joint ventures a try

One might think that two companies with a similar agenda would get into each other’s way but in reality, a joint venture is pure advertising gold. The company you join forces doesn’t have to offer the same product or service but you merely need to have the same target audience.

It might seem odd but that’s the adhesive between individual stores in a shopping mall. From the tattoo parlor to the big clothes retailer, they all target the same local community, so they can join forces and create a uniform marketing strategy that places the mall first.

Create content of exceptional quality

We’ve mentioned influential bloggers but we’ve failed to say much they make per blog. Average bloggers can earn up to 150 dollars per a single blog post, while influencers earn six or seven figures annually. This might seem like a lot of a couple of pages of penmanship but it’s not words but content writers are generating.

People are fed up with the same old folk tales and chewed-up remedies; they want novel solutions to problems and standpoints they have never seen before. Creating such engaging and exertional content is precisely what will get your target audience to open a blog or a web page.

Attracting just the right kind of customers is not easy in today’s market. There are so many variables that coming up with a solid marketing strategy is a tiring and never-ending process. Starting a blog, visiting trade shows, and reviving e-mail marketing are some of the strategies you can try.

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