Hibernation First Must Stop, So Economic Flow Will Not

  • Bill Bryan, head of the Department of Homeland Security's science and technology division says, "The virus dies the quickest under the presence of direct sunlight."
  • Researcher and Molecular Formulist Greshun De Bouse says, "If what Bill Bryan says is true, all one has to do is open a container of C3H80 and/or NaClO and allow the aroma to saturate the enclosed space. It is similar to cleaning with sodium hypochlorite in the home."
  • Governor Kemp of Georgia is reopening the state beginning today to hopefully ensure continuity of the economic flow.

She has stolen the spotlight again, and many persons, including doctors, researchers, and  laypersons, are expressing concern for President Trump’s statements during a daily briefing yesterday on how to eradicate her. We are speaking of COVID-19, and the April 23, 2020 daily briefing by Bill Bryan, head of the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology division.

During the briefing, Bryan said of COVID-19,  “Within the conditions we’ve tested to date, the virus in droplets of saliva survives best in indoors and dry conditions.  The virus dies the quickest under the presence of direct sunlight. You get outside and it cuts down to about a minute and a half.  Very significant difference when it gets hit with UV rays.”

If this data presented by Bryan is accurate, should a lockdown ever have occurred?  If this data is accurate, all of the Floridians and Spring Breakers who flocked to Florida beaches underneath the sun in March actually were taking preventative and viral destruction measures against COVID-19.

We consulted Researcher and Molecular Formulist Greshun De Bouse for her expert opinion on the matter, and she had this to say.

Researcher and Molecular Formulist Greshun De Bouse.

Based on the findings presented ny Bill Bryan yesterday, a shelter-in-place order may be viewed as an exacerbation of the COVID-19 crisis.  By his own admission, direct sunlight is most efficacious in killing COVID-19. Remaining indoors is a hindrance to direct sunlight exposure, and insufficient sunlight increases certain vitamin deficiency risk while conseqiently increasing succeptibility to to physical and physiological illness. 

Concerning President Trump’s statements during the briefing, I believe President Trump as a non-medical professional who clearly was fascinated by the findings of Bryan and excited to hear the news of potentially instantaneous COVID-19 cures, displayed humility, vulnerability, and logic by asking Bryan ‘if’ there may be a way to internalize the light and or the disinfectant-both of which Bryan stated kill the COVID-19 in 30  to 90 seconds.

If someone tells me this, my logical response is inquiry on how to utilize the methods to heal persons. Because of the voracious manner in which COVID-19 attacks the lungs and respiratory tract, I believe the POTUS, a non-medical professional [I reiterate], inquired about internal healing methods or ‘if’ and injection may be possible because bloodstream entrance via injection is the most expeditious healing method. 

I do not think the POTUS wants people to start injecting themselves with bleach to commit suicide as some suggest. He merely asked a question based on the research findings presented in an attempt to kill COVID-19 in the bodies of all it plagues.” Often persons hear only what they want to hear instead of what is said, or if something erroneous or improperly worded is stated, they crucify ‘certain’ persons but not others.

All everyone should be focused on is a the most efficacious and expedient cure for COVID-19 and rebuilding a strong economy, rather than adversely disecting all the POTUS or anyone says.

Interestingly, As Georgia Gov. Kemp is opening the state today in an attempt to resume economic flow, some are preparing to protest the reopening-citing it is too soon.  But hibernation first must stop so economic flow will not. Some leaders are asking why Kemp isn’t reopening smaller or less-COVID-affected cities first, but I believe economic stimulation yields the greatest benefit in the areas of greatest commerce-namely Atlanta.

This is not a ‘race’ thing. Trust me. I am an equality advocate who is an American of Color, so if this was a race issue, I would be the first to say. It is not. It is a business decision, one that Kemp made to preserve the strength and longevity of the Georgia economy.

Fear has no place in leadership, and as I stated in a previous interview, Gov. Kemp can not govern a state based on fear.

With the findings Bill Bryan presented, all should be hopeful. Logically thinking, If “Bleach will kill the virus in five  minutes and isopropyl alcohol will kill the virus in 30 seconds with no rubbing,” as Bill Bryan stated, all one has to do is open a container of C3H80 and/or NaClO and allow the aroma to saturate the enclosed space. It is similar to cleaning with sodium hypochlorite in the home. However NaClO can be a stomach irritant, so persons should be mindful of this.

Well there you have it, our trusted friend and expert Greshun De Bouse says “Hibernation first must stop so economic flow will not.”  We all want our respective economies to be strong, and getting folks back to work is how to do it. If Bill Bryan is right, we should be relieved there is such a quick COVID-19 cure.  We just have to stay calm all around the nation for sure, and think logically instead of fearfully. At some point, that point being now, we also should support the POTUS in pinpointing and distributing the COVID-19 cure, since that really is all anyone wants.  Be safe, and like Greshun De Bouse stated “Hibernation first must stop so economic flow will not.”

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