High Demand in Cosmetics Driving 2-hexyldecanol Market

  • Significant growth of dyes and polymer & plastics industry in developing region will in turn help to drive the market.
  • Relatively higher prices of 2-hexyldecanol are expected to hinder growth.
  • The Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate the market.

2-hexyldecanol, Mol. Wt.: C16H34O is an organic solvent that belongs to the group of type Guerbet alcohols. Generally, 2-hexyldecanol is also known as 2-Hexyl-1-decanol which is a class of highly branched fatty alcohols (C12-C36,). In Industry, 2-hexyldecanol is produced through the reaction sequence which is associated with the aldol reaction that carried out in the presence of alkaline catalysts at high temperature.

Generally, 2-hexyldecanol is liquid in state at room temperature. 2-hexyldecanol have high molecular weight and owing to long chain branching, it retains low volatility, low irritation properties, low melting point, excellent color, improved biodegradability, thermo stability,  excellent fluidity, and better stability over other unsaturated or linear alcohols containing an equal number of carbon atoms.

2-hexyldecanol has multifunctional characteristics owing to which it finds application in personal care, cosmetics, polymer & plastic, and dyes, among other industry. In the personal care & cosmetic industry, the 2-hexyldecanol is used as an emulsifier, whereas in the pharmaceutical industry, it is used as a solubilizer for liposomal drugs. Along with this, 2-hexyldecanolcan be used as a solvent in dyes, pigment, rubber & plastic manufacturing.

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2-hexyldecanol Market: Dynamics

The dynamic psychographics of the consumers in terms of cosmetic usage has now shaped into a tendency to streamline their daily beauty care routines. Multifunctional cosmetics products are therefore gaining traction as they offer several benefits at once, such as anti-aging, cleansing, UV protection, moisturizing, anti-oxidant, etc.


The trends in the cosmetics & personal care industry are such that multifunctional ingredients are used for skin care, sun care, and hair care cosmetics products, which sequentially is expected to drive the demand for 2-hexyldecanol over the forecast period. 2-hexyldecanol are used as cosmetics ingredients to provide multifunctional properties. Moreover, OSHA defines 2-hexyldecanol to be a non-hazardous substance, i.e., it is relatively a safer alternative to some of the other conventionally used ingredients for cosmetics products. Along with this, significant growth of dyes and polymer & plastics industry in developing region will in turn help to drive demand for 2-hexyldecanol market.

Moreover, 2-hexyldecanol tends to be more expensive than other aliphatic alcohols due to the comprehensive conversion during the dimerization process of alcohol. Such alcohols, as against linear fatty alcohols, are large, branched fatty alcohols. Prices of certain 2-hexyldecanol tend to be significantly higher, almost twice the price of traditionally used alternatives and conventional fatty alcohols.

Thus, relatively higher prices of 2-hexyldecanol are in turn expected to act as an impediment to the growth of the global 2-hexyldecanol market during the forecast period. Moreover, the global 2-hexyldecanol market is highly consolidated market as two players, BASF SE and Sasol Ltd. Had accounted for lion’s share of the market in terms of the production whereas several other players are focusing on the expansion of the production capacity of 2-hexyldecanol in order to enhance their presence in the global market

2-hexyldecanol Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of demand, the global 2-hexyldecanol market is expected to be dominated by the Asia Pacific region followed by North America whereas in terms of production, Europe, alone, accounts for lion’s share of the global market. This gain is mainly attributed to increasing consumption of personal care products in China, Japan, and South East Asian countries. Steady growth in end-use industries across APAC is expected to translate into steady growth in demand for 2-hexyldecanol in the region during the forecast period.

North America and Europe are expected to witness relatively slower growth in consumption of 2-hexyldecanol primarily due to mature nature of the end-use industry in these regions.

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2-hexyldecanol Market: Key Players

Some of the key players identified across the value chain of the global 2-hexyldecanol market are listed below;

Sasol Ltd
Kisco Ltd
New Japan Chemical Co., Ltd
DowPol Corporation
Jarchem Industries Inc
Merck KGaA, among others

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