Hindu Mysticism – The Secret Of The Low Mortality Rate In India

  • India has an amazingly low rate of mortality from Corona
  • The Ministry of Health in India endorses the use of Hydroxychloroquine
  • India and China, Asian nations clash in ideology

India is leading the world in the battle with Corona with the lowest mortality rate in a highly densely populated country with poverty and disease. China is spreading out in the world. So much more so its evil influences have become manifested in a virus which has caused the Corona Pandemic.

Dr. Zelenko discovered a treatment for corona in the early stages with Hydroxychloroquine recognized in India.

America which was building to a new greatness under the leadership of President Trump who was outspoken against Chinese business tactics suddenly became disabled by the Corona virus.

The Europeans nations of the world fell just as hard as or even worse than America to the evil influences which extend from Communist China.

Communist China represents the Old Age a dictatorship fighting for an ideal of controlling its people without giving them human rights and freedoms which the Western World the new age has adopted.

There is a battle in the world of ideologies which is magnified during the Corona Pandemic.

The Corona Pandemic came from China through an unknown source. Some scientists speculated that it was produced in a Virology Laboratory in Wuhan. China rejected this claim.

President Trump who has been most affected by Chinese opposition to freedom and democracy calls the virus the China Virus. He has disconnected from WHO World Health Organization because he claims that their decisions are being influenced by China. The WHO is influential in world health accepted by most nations in the world. Their advice on Corona Pandemic is accepted by most nations.

In America the FDA rules over medical decisions. The FDA took off its authorization of Hydroxychloroquine which many doctors feel was a mistake. When the FDA gives authorization, doctors feel safe to use their medicines.  If they use medicines for purposes not authorized, they can be sued for malpractice.

WHO and FDA work separately but there is a connection between them since Pharmaceutical companies have power and money and want both FDA and WHO to approve their medicines for world use. WHO and FDA are not political but China and America both would like to control them for political reasons.

Trump has had difficulty with Hydroxychloroquine authorization and in the middle to elections in November has stopped making comments about Hydroxychloroquine. Nevertheless doctors like Simone Gold are outspoken that it is a bullet in treating Corona in the early stages. She made a video with other doctors in its behalf which was removed from the internet.

There is no treatment for Corona in its early stages or to prevent Corona except for Quarantine and Social distancing. Corona started in China and China became the example for other nations about the way to deal with Corona. For China Quarantine was not as difficult then nations in the free world.

Quarantine interferes with freedom which does not concern China. Already Corona Pandemic has stimulated demonstrations in America defending freedom which were never as severe as today. China is succeeding to strengthen the left socialist mind of democratic America, intentionally or unintentionally?

India and China have a border conflict which recently flared up and continues.

India and China are both nuclear powers and enemies. Corona Pandemic has also struck hard in India with one of the largest populations in the world. The influential world medical organization WHO has not stopped India from continuing using Hydroxychloroquine. With the use of Hydroxychloroquine authorized in India the mortality rate in India is from the lowest in the world.

India has a large poor population and a large HIV population which should cause more deaths from Corona but nevertheless the death rate remains low. India is fighting China on two fronts. They are fighting China in a border conflict.  They are fighting China to defend their democracy from its influence.

President Trump stopped the funding of WHO because he felt they were pro-China. China is an enemy of India and the WHO has no influence on the Ministry of Health in India like it has in other countries in the world including Israel.

Israel purchased Hydroxychloroquine from India its largest producer but has not employed Hydroxychloroquine in outpatient care. Israel looks toward the FDA and WHO which have taken away the authorization for Hydroxychloroquine.

The low mortality rate in India may eventually return the authorization of Hydroxychloroquine to other nations in the world who look toward India as an example.  India is also an example of democracy, free speech and non-violence movement begun by Mahatma Ghandi which was adopted by Martin Luther King in Black American freedom marching.

India is a nation with mysticism, the holy and the profane. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In the east is China and in the East is India. India and Hindu mysticism represents freedom and liberation. China represents slavery.

Guru Janardan Parmahansa a teacher of Yoga who travelled the world in the 1970s

Hinduism is a religion. All religions begin with the desire for freedom. Moses revealed Exodus of the Jewish people from slavery. Jesus fought for freedom and equality.  Eventually they all became Orthodox religious  establishments which are against change and freedom.

However within Hinduism there is rebellion against the establishment to bring the true meaning of freedom to the world.

The Guru Janardan Parmahansa located in Laxmanjula India in the Himalayan mountains led a movement in the 1970s toward spiritual freedom and liberation through Ajapa Yoga.

Yoga teaches the importance of inner peace and happiness through meditation and prayer. The Guru is the teacher who leads his followers out of darkness to discover the light of God self-realization and God realization spiritual freedom. These goals have also been applied in Judaism through Chassidism Progressive Jewish Spirituality.

The fight for freedom is also the fight for health when under the influence of the China virus.  India is at war with China, a war of ideology. When America and the Western World including Israel will look for guidance from India will be revealed the true essence of peace and healing.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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