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We are introducing a new, open, and distributive community-based news service from the ground up. Through our readership, open journalism platform, and direct internal advertising, we’re providing a completely unique and internet-direct experience, unlike the many failing models that corporate news services are proving.

To help increase our advertising communities returns, we have already asked our readers to review your products and services as part of our free online community.

  • We added over 700 posts in the short month of February, bringing our posted articles to over 1,200— That’s over 300% growth in February! We have seen this large amount of links alone increase business.
  • Peb tau pom kev lag luam ob npaug thiab nce mus rau cov lag luam me uas tshaj tawm nrog peb.
  • Our contributors’ and subscribers’ numbers have been growing over 30% per month since we launched.

We realize since we are the new kids on the block we need to provide positive results to our community, thus helping to build our online services, so we are offering beta rates until we fully establish our advertising model.

We have seen tremendous success for small business using our services.

We have already learned that we can be a valued benefit to our clients, with powerful increase in traffic combined with over 1,500 links (and growing very rapidly) to our client’s website. We have helped clients achieve a meaningful increases in business revenues, while also significantly improving their website rankings along the way. Combining the links and traffic with several well-written articles— this simple 2 step model in a focused and targeted approach— we have seen very impressive business improvements over time. We hope, with our help, your business can also achieve this type of significant increase.

When advertising, our readers and journalists will receive preferred pricing and placement eliminating the middleman whenever possible. Our advertising will be as community-driven as possible, giving our contributors more credence, additional exposure, and special position. We want to help the smaller companies, like us, to operate and grow with us.

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