Home Décor – Choosing Window Blinds vs Window Curtains

  • Blinds offer a sense of class and elegance.
  • Window curtains offer a more relaxed and decorative appeal to a living room.
  • Roman blinds can offer a good appeal to smaller bedrooms, especially when they are placed high and are wall-mounted.

The look and feel of a room can significantly differ with the use of window blinds and window curtains. Each one offers a separate set of benefits and features. Whether the intent is to block away from light or gain some privacy, you need to make a choice based on your specific requirements and aesthetic needs. Depending on the usage of window blinds and window curtains, they can help in making a room look lively and bright. If you are looking to make a choice between window curtains and blinds for your home interiors, you can use some of the below-mentioned tips to weigh the advantages and appeal of each.

From evidence found in excavation sites at Olynthus, Pompeii and Herculaneum, portieres appear to have been used as room dividers in classic antiquity. Mosaics from the 2nd to 6th century show curtains suspended from rods spanning arches.

Style Sense

Curtains started off as a basic utilitarian object to cover the room and offer privacy from the outside world. From the earlier days of frills and short versions, curtains have evolved into longer and more stylish variants. They are now used to enhance the style quotient of a room. In comparison, window blinds have evolved from simple office use to stylish homes to improve the overall aesthetics. Blinds offer a sense of class and elegance. Blinds for windows are beneficial for home offices and homes that require a cleaner look.

Living Room Décor

Living rooms look incomplete without the presence of window curtains. Most homes require the living room décor to be appealing to guests since this space is generally used for visitors. Window curtains offer a more relaxed and decorative appeal to a living room. While window blinds can be used, these might end up making the living room somewhat plain and boring. Curtains, on the other hand, enhance the charm of a living room. When these are combined with elegant hardware and accessories, the overall décor can look more enchanting.

Blinds for Bedrooms

In England, curtains began to replace wooden shutters towards the end of the 16th century. In Medieval England, the earliest form of window treatments were leather panels threaded onto iron rods. These were eventually replaced with woven wool panels. During the reign of Elizabeth I, ornately decorated Italian Renaissance fabrics, including brocades, velvets, and damask, began to be imported.

Window blinds work best for bedrooms because they offer a good amount of privacy. Roman blinds can offer a good appeal to smaller bedrooms, especially when they are placed high and are wall-mounted. These become very easy to handle on a daily basis. Blinds come in very limited color options and design variants.

However, the positive part is that they require minimal maintenance and have a longer shelf life. Roller blinds work best if you are looking to keep light out from your bedroom and make it look warm as well as relaxing. If you are looking for an option for the children’s bedroom, window curtains remain the best alternative.

Kitchens and Blinds

In a household, the kitchen is the area, which undergoes the utmost stress as far as the windows are concerned. So, blinds work best in the kitchen area. Curtains could be risky in any kitchen because of the possibility of catching fire. Blinds stay in one place and come free of maintenance. Depending on the kitchen interiors, you can go for a relevant color and design choice.

Window blinds are yet to find a good market size in India. As urban homes increasingly move towards blinds, there will certainly be a heavy demand a decade later. Until then, the choice between window curtains and blinds is yours to make!

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