How Different Social Media Platforms Can Help Brands to Grow in the Digital Domain

  • Branding strategy is utilizing every social media platform.
  • Belnekar has procured immense knowledge and is offering the best of everything in the digital world.
  • Rightly called the Cyber Mogul of India, Aditya is also well-versed with cyber security.

Over the past few years, the growth of startups in the digital world has seen an upward trend. Many social media and influencer marketing companies have made their mark looking at the ever-growing demand of social media apps. Every brand wants to reach out to a wider audience and connect to the different categories of people. When we say social media, the platforms are not just restricted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram anymore.

With the new age apps like TikTok, Helo and Likee, people are consuming content through a variety of apps. One of the well-known digital marketing experts, Aditya Belnekar is responsible behind establishing and popularizing many brands on the digital space.

Aditya Belnekar an Aspiring Digital Entrepreneur.

The 22-year old entrepreneur owns a digital marketing firm named ‘TEAMWIZARDMEDIA’, which is specialized in brand marketing, movie marketing and influencer marketing. Keeping his strategies different from one another, his capability of thinking out of the box is what makes him stand apart from others. Rightly called as the Cyber Mogul of India, Aditya is also well-versed with cybersecurity and ethical hacking. In these tough times of coronavirus pandemic, Mr Belnekar believes that the brands are extremely vulnerable to security threats. One of the skills which he is developing in the quarantine is learning the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

He barely speaks, but when he does, it’s with such confidence that people wonder why he’s been keeping to himself. He’s a genius when it comes to social media, but he’s vowed to use his talents only for others. .  A man of words that are few and far between, he believes that his work will always speak louder than he can.

Belnekar says that he didn’t believe the story that was told to him. In his home town , he witnessed that many of the residents had smaller dreams, aspirations, and life goals. His mindset didn’t coincide with his surroundings, and although he didn’t have the perfect words to describe his independent, self-starter, mentality, he knew deep down that there was more to life than what was currently within his grasp.  “I didn’t really know the concept of entrepreneurship. Nobody around me was talking about that, and I don’t think I heard that word growing up. From my own observation, it was a small-thinking environment and everyone was pretty negative.”They say, “Social Media is like other way of instant gratification which triggers the pleasure cascades of the brain” yes, indeed! But using it wisely can benefit you in several ways, says Aditya Belnekar

With the boom in Digitalization, people are reaping impressive benefits throughout, all thanks to Social Media! Previously Social media was considered just a medium of connection and interaction but with the hike in technologies, it has now bloomed as money making medium. Various bloggers, YouTubers, Singers, Dancers as well as influencers are relying on social media for their promotions and are using it at par.

However, reputation management remains his main ground where many of the small-scale brands have flourished by his creative strategies. He said, “Different brands have different marketing strategies as every brand has a different target audience. One common thing among every online branding strategy is utilizing every social media platform. While Facebook is the most common app amongst everyone, Twitter has its niche users and Instagram majorly caters to the youth. Other apps like TikTok and Helo help in reaching audiences of tier II and tier III cities. To build strong branding online, brands must utilize these platforms to the fullest.” At this young age, Aditya Belnekar has procured immense knowledge and is offering the best of everything in the digital world.

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