How Eating Healthy Can Make You an “A” Student

  • Food Affects Physical, Social and Mental Health
  • List of "Brain" Foods
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Today, there is strong correlation about healthier diet positively affecting students’ grade in school.

 Nutritious meals make better grades. The better a student eating habit the less likely he or she was to have failed.

Every academic exercise is physically demanding. To excel, a student must physically attend classes regularly, collaborates with his colleagues and concentrate effectively on the various tasks or assignments at hand without minding the side effects.

However, to perform better in the academic world, the rigor of various subjects of study such as Maths, Language, reading, planning and creative thinking require constant and adequate support from energy food and nutrients from healthier diets.

Healthy eating as discovered by expert and researchers does have positive effects on the physical mental and social health of individuals in the society. According to the centre for Disease control and Prevention, hunger negatively impacts children’s academic performance. In fact, it has been observed that skipping breakfast does lead to poor performance at school.

To be realistic, without adequate and healthier diets, it is usually difficult to focus on learning new facts or information.

The eating of nutritious and healthy diets regularly gives student the required energy needed to live well and complete the daily tasks necessary for academic excellence.

Really, without enough energy, nobody is able to accomplish energy, what is needed to be done, which can invariably have negative impacts on the mental health.

Good diets can lead to good grades if well managed and positively directed to the right channels.

Healthier students are better learners. Kids today can eat their way to better grades in school. Therefore, Eat up, you’ll get A.



Good diet can improve both the health and academic performance of any student in school.

Nutrition meals make better healthy body that leads to better grades. We are products of what we eat.

Healthy eating habit does have great positive effects on everybody in life. However, students can derive much benefit from proper and healthier diets.

It was recently discovered from various studies and research finding that since students began eating healthier launches, test scores and grades have significantly improved across so many schools where nutrition and healthy living habits have been given priority by the authorities concerted .

Really, better food improves concentration. ‘’An hungry man cannot learn anything’’ says a Yoruba adage. It is obvious then that children and student must be provided nutrient rich food for better performance and heather life generally. Good eatery hall outs like regularly having break fast and eating fruits and vegetable have been lunched to positive out come.

As a student, if you want to do your self best to get good grades, a healthy diet is the stating point.

It’s true that eating certain foods can improve your ability to focus, retain information and remain mentally alert in order to get you through the most tedious of study sessions. Some  foods not only full your belly, but feed your brain as well, enabling you to get better grades as an healthy student.

To help further, here are 10 top,

Brain foods that can aid your study if considered…

  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Wholes Grains
  • Apples
  • Cruciferous vegetable
  • Dark chocolate
  • Spinach
  • Berries
  • legumes
  • Onions

By adding  these foods to your diet, is a simple and effective way to super charge your study sessions in your efforts to get better grades. The habit of feeding the brain and body well helps retain more information.

In deed, with healthier diet, you’ll be more alert, focused and energized while you study as a better student in the society.

Smart Oyejide

Smart Oyedotun Oyejide is a multi-gifted writer, motivational speaker, best-selling author and business consultant. He is a fellow of the British society of Commerce (FBSC) and full member, Institute of Management Consultants (MIMC). He is the CEO of Unlimited Wealth Solutions

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