Numbify, Lidocaine for pain relief, increased its numbing effectiveness by 30%!

Numbifys updated formula increased its numbing effectiveness on average among those who tested it by ~ 30%.  This additional effectiveness at relieving pain is over and above what Numbify already offered, which was a numbing experience that many already considered to be the strongest numbing OTC pain relief. Numbify lidocaine creams, sprays and gels are Effective June 1st.

Numbifys new generation of lidocaine numbing agents, based on advanced knowledge of sodium ion receptors in nerve cells, and how the structure of those receptors can affect your bodies reaction to numbing products like lidocaine. This expanding knowledge has helped to make significant advances in numbing products made by Numbify allowing them to increase the effectiveness of their medications by what our testers agree on average is about 30% without having to increase the amount of lidocaine in their products at all!!!

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This is because they have spent countless years perfecting their delivery methods. Even though the ingredients haven’t changed, with some  tweaking of their delivery methods, Numbify has increased the effectiveness of their products, all while maintaining the safety of keeping their products within legal limits of lidocaine percentage set by the FDA. New batches of this increased effectiveness deliveries started June 1, 2019.

Better Chemistry

One of the fascinating aspects of organic chemistry is how each individual in a species can have such different body chemistry, while still being so similar in outward appearance. Medicine that is effective for some, is not as effective for others, and it all boils down to the program that determines how the proteins in our body are made, that’s right, our genetic code!

Imagine your nerves pain receptors as a house with the front door missing, leaving an open gap. Pain signals (caused by sodium ions sent in the front door of that house) are like rain and wind and when it comes, you can’t help but get it inside of your house, because there is no door there to block the pain/rain signals from getting into your house. Now your body has approximately 200 of these pain receptors in every square centimeter of skin so as you can imagine, that’s a lot of flooding in those little houses.

Lidocaine, also known as lignocaine, is a medication used to numb tissue in a specific area (local anesthetic). It is also used to treat ventricular tachycardia and to perform nerve blocks. When used as an injectable, lidocaine typically begins working within four minutes and lasts for half an hour to three hours. Lidocaine mixtures may also be applied directly to the skin or mucous membranes to numb the area.


Lidocaine works kind of like an umbrella that can block the rain from getting into your pain receptor house. Using a numbing product is like dumping a boatload of open umbrellas into your neighborhood and hoping that the wind blows them into the doorways and stops the pain rain from getting in the door. Advancements in medical science has helped us develop delivery agents which act like a little UPS/FEDEX guy that sets the umbrellas in the right place or holds them in place to block the doorways and prevent the pain-rain from getting in. Finding the best delivery agents for numbing and other pain relief products is always a high priority for pharmaceutical companies because a good delivery agent can block those doorways more efficiently, and therefore relieve more pain.

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Now of course this analogy isn’t perfect, but it explains a lot about why generic medications and certain brands of numbing products are less effective than the brands that put the time and money into developing their delivery agents. That is to say they let a lot of the rain through. That doesn’t mean that they don’t work for anyone though, some peoples houses have door holes that are shaped slightly differently, that’s a big part of how genetics affects this process, your blueprint for the houses (DNA) instructs your body what shape to make the doorways to those houses, and that means that even a poor product can help some people.

Strongest Pain Relief

Numbify the Best/Strongest Numbing & Pain Relief Cream, Spray, and Gel. Our Numbify product line combines the best quality lidocaine, and most powerful organic numbing agents, with a focus on raw numbing power. We strive to bring you the customer not only , a positive pleasant experience, but also to improve your overall health by using safe healthy natural ingredients wherever possible!

Now you may ask yourself, if even a poor product will help a few people, does that mean that there are people that Numbify’s product won’t help? The answer is yes. Numbify is designed to be more effective, for a higher percentage of the population than its competitors, but because everyone’s genetic code has the possibility of building their pain receptors in a way that isn’t as compatible with Numbifys delivery agents, there will be a small percentage of people who it doesn’t help at all. But that’s ok, because the company that makes Numbify (Pain Relief Naturally) has a policy of 100% commitment to

customer satisfaction. That means if you are one of the rare few who Numbify doesn’t work for, you have nothing to worry about, you will be completely refunded!

So when choosing your numbing product, ask yourself – Do I want a poor product, filled with cheap chemical fillers that isn’t as likely to be effective? Or do I want a product full of healthy natural ingredients that has been shown to help the highest percentage of people, with a satisfaction guarantee on the off chance it doesn’t help me? We thought so, that’s why we choose Numbify!



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