How Product Design Affects Consumer Decision Making

  • People are used to specific brands.
  • If you start observing the packaging of products keenly, you will conclude that the design of the package influences the type of decision making of a customer.
  • Major startups are currently investing a fortune on logo design and which in turn influences the branding of the company.

There are so many reasons why established firms pay too much attention to the design of a product. It is because every aspect they add or deduct from the product design tends to dictate how a customer reacts. For instance, similar products from the same manufacturer but with different designs are going to spark different interests in people. Some people love simple designs, while others go for designs with sophisticated patterns and motifs. The fact that there are tons of different products in the market today, the only thing that consumers rely on to make the right decision is the product design. Below are details that lucidly show how a product design plays a huge role in the decision making of a customer.

The design of the brand

There are so many business brands available today. And just when you think that they are enough, other brands pop up and take over the market. You should, however, note that despite that being the case, people are used to specific brands. That is because these brands have a particular design that attracts them. You find that when someone wants to purchase a particular product, he or she scans the store for that particular brand. If the brand is not available, they rather go to the next store instead of picking another brand. The main reason for such a reaction is because customers have convinced their minds that the design of a specific brand is perfect.

You will also find people opting for an affiliate of the brand they love since they know the design is going to match their expectations. Other people, however, go for a particular brand design to showcase their class and taste. That is why most designs tend to stick to a single mode of production. Because the only way to persuade people is through their brand design. It is thus true that there are various effects of design on decision making that you cannot ignore either as a customer or a company.

The design of the package

If you start observing the packaging of products keenly, you will conclude that the design of the package influences the type of decision making of a customer. For instance, genuine shoes and labels come in boxes. That is because the manufacturers want to deliver the shoes to their customers in an elegant manner. That is, however, not the same thing with generic shoes. Such products come with paper wrappings, and that tends to trigger an adverse reaction from the shoppers. Some packaging designs are appealing and thus attractive while others are simply elusive.

Such packages end up promoting the product, and that is how new companies tend to conquer the market. Consumers love classy products, and that alone is enough to make them switch their preferences whenever something more appealing comes up. While most shoppers tend to go for packages that are bold and classy, others prefer packages that are simple and elegant. Such thinking shows that it’s no longer about the product but the package. So when shopping, each person is going to search for a package design that is beguiling. It thus proves that packaging design is among the main factors that affect the decisions of a customer.

The design of the logo

Whenever someone talks about the design of the logo, several companies pop up in your mind. Major brands such as Kappa, Adidas, Nike, Coca Cola, Dell, and Jordan, among others, have managed to attract a massive following due to their logo design. Everyone tends to notice these brands whenever they go. And that is also the main reason why when people are making key decisions on which drink, shoes or computer to go for, they tend to think more about the logo. It is because they are aware that the logo is going to dictate their reputation and class. That is why a product logo is one of the main essential influences of decision making when purchasing a product.

Major startups are currently investing a fortune on logo design and which in turn influences the branding of the company. They know a great logo has a way of swaying the way people make their decisions whenever they want to purchase a product.

The product design

All the above categories of designs can help a company persuade a customer to purchase the product, but the design of the product is what is going to make them return. If it is a cellphone, people tend to find out what are the features, how is the hardware, can it last longer? The best cellphone design then ends up keeping the customers and trusts builds up with time. A similar thing happens whenever a customer wants to purchase a vehicle, yes it is a Mercedes, it has a good logo that represents class, but how is the car itself? Once the customer finds out that the car comes with amazing features and quality materials, then he or she starts trusting the brand design as well as the logo design.

A similar scenario occurs whenever someone is shopping for a roof rack. The product design tends to determine the installation process, the type of materials used as well as the type of roof rack. Those factors alone are enough to prove that people’s decisions vary depending on the product design. It is because every product design represents a brand that represents the quality of the product you end up getting.

From the above information, it is vivid that design plays a huge role when it comes to a customer’s decision making. The information indicates that people tend to scrutinize every aspect of a design before making a purchase. They tend to look at the packaging design, the brand design, as well as the logo design before they decide on which product to acquire. That is why manufacturers are always keen on the design of their products.

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