How Russia is Using the SolarWinds Hack as Propaganda

  • At present, Russia is using the attack to cause further division in the US.
  • Propaganda from Russia uses the fear that President Trump will declare martial law before Inauguration Day.
  • Cyber warfare and attacks will continue.

The US government experienced a massive hack this month. According to the experts the hacked networks would have to be burned. The Washington Post immediately accused Russia of the hack. There are have been reports that hackers also gained access to Microsoft. Most strongly believe that Russia is behind the hack.

Cyberwarfare by Russia includes denial of service attacks, hacker attacks, dissemination of disinformation and propaganda, participation of state-sponsored teams in political blogs, internet surveillance using SORM technology, persecution of cyber-dissidents and other active measures.

The exception is the Trump Camp, which claims that China is responsible. At present, Russia is using the attack to cause further division in the US. There are many posts on social media with fears of the introduction of martial law in the US.

It should be noted that the posts are actually from legitimate US citizens. However, the fear-mongering posts are clearly coming from foreign accounts. The hysteria is making many impressionable individuals anxious.

Moreover, the propaganda from Russia uses the fear that President Trump will declare martial law before the inauguration of the newly-elected US president, Joe Biden, in January 2021. There are also posts claiming the US will declare war, justifying it via some interpretation of an executive order relating to an attack by a foreign state on the US.

Since November, the propaganda of US election fraud continued to circulate on social media, which is fueled by the Kremlin. The unsubstantiated election fraud allegations immediately spread within the pro-Trump camp.  It is obvious that the majority of Americans will consider cyber attacks (to which President Trump does not respond) a compelling reason for extraordinary measures in the comparison to the election violations.

However, the timing of the cyber attacks coincided with the recognition that Mr. Biden was officially elected as the next US president.  Thus far, President Trump has not been aggressive on the cyberattack topic. He is passively blaming China for the attack, but has not suggested any countermeasures.

Bill Gates is an American business magnate, software developer, and philanthropist. He is best known as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation.

The hacked information has not been leaked to the public. The type of information that was hacked is unknown. To note, all that has been mentioned is the extensive collection of the archives that has been stolen.

Russian conspiracy theorists are also peddling another version of the event. The claim is that Microsoft hacked itself in order to aid Mr. Biden to prevent President Trump from declaring martial law. Hence, they are blaming Bill Gates trying to interfere in US politics.

Russia does not believe that attacks occurred under direction of a foreign government. The US Treasury can’t impose any new sanctions against Russia per se. The weakening of America from within is the Kremlin’s dream. The US economy is experiencing a challenging year, and the US dollar has been at its lowest this year.

However, the Coronavirus pandemic had an adverse impact on the economies around the globe, including Russia’s.  Cyber warfare is the preferred method in this century. It does not leave burning buildings or directly causes the loss of lives. Hence, the cyber attacks will continue to happen, especially by China, North Korea, Russia, and Iran.

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