How to Be Rich in Your Country’s Economy

  • No nation is too poor without economic activities to function with. Your country can make you rich. The wealth of a nation is the people’s wealth in real sense of it.
  • Make up your mind to make things no matter how. Look unto God. Produce more and consume less.
  • Go Green. Strive to be an Entrepreneur. Invest in Real Estate. Form partnerships.

To be rich, you have big and serious roles to play.

No wealth can be created without serious effort.

It is a big joke to be dreaming about money without doing something tangible.

The treasures hidden in the dark which remains the Secret Riches for you can only be if you step out and

Start to do the following instructions:

1. Make up your mind to make things no matter how. Develop positive approach to economic activities and embrace investment in multiple

Deuteronomy 28:1-14; Isaiah 45:2-3;

Change positively; if you fail to make it in Nigeria (where I am for instance), it is unlikely that you will make it elsewhere!

Therefore, do not run away. Face the challenges squarely like Aliko Dangote ,Jimoh Ibrahim and Mike Adenuga did until their stories became a testimony and prove that nothing is wrong with the economy. Only with the operators who failed to get it right

2. Look unto GOD, ’The Source’ for directions and what to do or where to go to uncover the treasures hidden in the darkness, the secret riches for you.

You need God and favor of men to achieve anything financially. You efforts alone may not be enough.

Remember, Joseph in the Holy Bible had breakthrough with dream interpretation.

Bill Gates also became one of the richest in the world through ‘window application of Microsoft Corporation’. You too have something around you to be wealthy with if tapped well. Gain the Wealth Insights To Be Great. You can be Rich Anywhere But not anyhow!

3. Produce More and Consume less

4. Go Green, consider Agriculture and be well involved in it forcefully

5. Strive to be an Entrepreneur. Establish businesses. Contribute to the economy

6. Invest in the Real Sector or Real Estate as much as possible. I am yet to come across a wealthy man who does not have an estate.

7. Form Partnership with God like Jacob did.[A great secret to surviving Hard Times and Bad years to come]

To Be Financially Successful in this New Global Economy, You Need To Be Your Own Boss and Use the Concept of Leverage

Smart Oyejide

Smart Oyedotun Oyejide is a multi-gifted writer, motivational speaker, best-selling author and business consultant. He is a fellow of the British society of Commerce (FBSC) and full member, Institute of Management Consultants (MIMC). He is the CEO of Unlimited Wealth Solutions

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