How to Find a Good Moving Company for Yourself in Dubai?

  • Finding help from friends always works
  • In start, taking estimates from multiple companies helps you to define your budget
  • Checking the liability of your company to make sure you are working with professionals

Did you buy a new house in the UAE and want to shift there? Did you find a new job there? We know that moving is a backbreaking job. Thus, you are thinking of asking somebody for their help. You can do this job yourself by packing all the belongings yourself. Then, relocating them to your destination. But, this could be hard if you have a bulk of heavy stuff with you. You call for a professional helping hand who can transfer your goods within a short time.

Moving is a time taking task which you alone can not do. You must have many other tasks to execute. For example, you have to take care of your business and family at the same time.

Finding a reliable moving company at a cheap rate is a tough job. You can search on the internet and will see several best movers and packers in Dubai. But keep it in mind that not each of them is honest and expert. Indeed, there are many scam moving companies that will harm you and your luggage. Your possessions are not safe in their hand, and you will regret later.

We are going to tell you the tips to determine the best movers. Remember these tips as they will help you out in many alarming situations.

Afford guidance from kith and kin

When going to rent a relocation company for your move, be aware of scammers. You must be looking for a company who will work according to your given terms and conditions. You can search on their websites. But sometimes they show you the wrong details about them. Moreover, they even do not have the experience of moving and can harm your possessions. Ask your colleagues or any family member. They might guide you to a trustworthy relocation company. A firm with years of working experience and better communication skills.

Ends up with at least three to four moving companies to call for internal evaluation

When you started looking for moving companies in Dubai, you found several reliable ones. Despite that, you can’t hire each of them. Calling out for an in-house estimate is the best way to select a company. Once they come to see you, ask them for an in-house evaluation. Keep in your mind that movers estimate by looking all over your house. Movers give calculations based on the weight and size of the property. Don’t lease a company that didn’t look at all your closets on a serious note. Hence, try to hire the one with cheaper rates than the others.

Make sure the moving company has a legal license

Before hiring a moving company, check if they have the license. Verify the license is valid or not. Some fake companies are working without a legal license. In case, go to the official website of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

Type the company name there. Look for these things:

  • Name of company, their address, and provided phone numbers. Do they match the ones the company gave you?
  • Did they switch their name in the past?
  • Do the years of working experience match the one they told you?

If they have a legal license now and the moving company gave you the insurance, hire it.

Review your contract with the movers

Before signing the dotted line, you must once review your agreement paper. Do not pay the extra money, not decided at the start of the agreement. Is the packing fees included in the bill? If yes, you will be paying for both the working of movers and cartons used. Against this background, question your movers about the contract without any hesitation.

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