How to Flourish in a Recession as an Individual

  • Operate and Survive in Any Country’s Economy
  • Reign Big During a Recession
  • The Power of Prayer

The goal to operate and survival in any country’s economy is of paramount interest to me as an individual who is keen at the financial survival of the masses.
As a result, I have researched and discovered the hidden secret which am about to release and explain in this write up.
Do you desire to reign big in recession anywhere under heaven?

Are you interested in experiencing plenty of cash flow all the time?
Do you want to tap the wealth insights as operated by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet of America?
Do you want to engage in something that will allow you to control the economy of your country like Dangote is doing in Africa?
If yes, here is the truth coming your way today!
To survive in any economy, you must be fully prepared to SELL SOMETHING in a special way or version to the masses or the majority of the populace.
You must have a product or service that will be legally acceptable to millions of people. There must be a product of yours that is in high demand by several people in your country or elsewhere in the world.
No product can sell and make the owner richer without demand for it by the people. Without market a product or service is completely useless.
I listened to Rev.Sam Adeyemi of Nigeria in’’ Success Power’’ program. He was teaching his listeners on Money Making. And he said: Money is obtained in exchange for goods or services.

Money is relevant in any economic activities under heaven. No economic venture without money involvement anywhere in the world today. In fact, life goes smoothly on the oil wheel of Money.
However, to get money in large quality or quantity, you ought to be selling something. It is only in a corrupt setting that people can be rich without selling anything in particular.
To have a very buoyant economy, you must be highly productive. You must sell something if you must have money in return. Look, those who are involved in selling or trading are never sort of money. No money if you are not ready to trade in something of demand.

Today, you lack money simply because you have nothing to sell.

If you wish to discover how to flourish financially in recession, just engage yourself in selling value or things. Be active in trading or selling of tangible products with high demand. Money will be your regular guest all the time. Your ideas can fetch you money if you understand how to turn it into cash.

For instant, 2 kings 4 of the Holy Bible. There, a widow woman was visited by God of increase and her jar of oil entered the flow. After she got jars of oil, Prophet Elisha told her what to do with it.
2 Kings 4:7 says, Then she came and told the man of Goodland he said, Go Sell the oil any pay thy debt, and live thou and thy children.
You need to sell in exchange for money to survive with. Money comes faster when you have something to sell in any country or place. Stop enriching others all the time with the little that you have. Instead, make others enrich you. Find something to sell to them in exchange for cool cash!
You need to sell in exchange for money all the time if you are not ready to suffer in the world.
Get it right; those without any product or service to sell are bound to suffer hardship. You have plenty of things to sell and make it big in life. You too can be financially free if you can start selling something to people. Nobody is too young or old to make money in trading or selling online or offline today.
You have something to sell to be making money in your country today. Do not allow the devil to cheat you in the affairs of financial success. You have plenty of things to sell and become successful like Aliko Dangote of Africa or Bill Gates of America.

Yes, you can start selling your talent like Tope Alabi-the popular Gospel Singer from Nigeria.
Yes, you can be selling your talent, skills, experience or knowledge as a consultant.
You can render services to people who are hungry for it. In addition, you can be selling daily needs or essential goods to your neighbors and get their money in return.
I usually pray to God with my family to support us in having the power to control the commercial activities within the community that I reside. And the prayer is being granted. I make almost on daily basis from the area where my house is located. This became possible simply because I am offering various goods and services needed by the people around me on daily basis from time to time nonstop.
I am involved in the economic activities within my locality as an individual who understands the secret of earning money through selling to others around.
Money making is not hard as people do imagine it to be if only you can sell something to others around you.
Look, making money is as simple as ABC in any country or place today when people understand or have the wealth Insights of selling something that people are hungry or thirsty for.
No Selling, No Money! There is no food for a lazy man anywhere in the world today.
If you need money fast, sell something faster and better. You can sell yourself into greatness.

Smart Oyejide

Smart Oyedotun Oyejide is a multi-gifted writer, motivational speaker, best-selling author and business consultant. He is a fellow of the British society of Commerce (FBSC) and full member, Institute of Management Consultants (MIMC). He is the CEO of Unlimited Wealth Solutions

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