How to Plan a Trip for Glasgow, Scotland

  • Glasgow's charming combination of sophistication and earthiness is one of the world's most unique tourist destinations.
  • There is so much to see and do, that's why we have put up this list for you.
  • Plan your trip to Glasgow and take cheap airline tickets, so that you may have much more to spend in Glasgow.

Glasgow is a lively city, full of attractions and art, but sometimes you want to learn more about the area. Take cheap airline tickets and visit the historic cities where UNESCO World Heritage has been handed over. Visit the only revolving elevator in the world and learn more about Ness, the famous monster that apparently lives in Loch Ness. Take advantage of these five-weekend trips from Glasgow.

Although Glasgow is also a city carved out of commerce and infrastructure, it is dotted with fascinating buildings with a more workers’ background. You can travel via Turkish airline flights to see this vibrant place.

Below are some of the most popular places to visit in Glasgow.



This historic city has something to boast of. it was the seat of the first Scottish Parliament, its church has the world’s oldest church bells, and the village of New Lanark is one of the Scottish UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a popular weekend destination for history lovers. The village has an 18th-century cotton mill that has been converted into a hotel.

Only 200 people live in the village, who live in renovated houses. This place is the photographer’s dream. However, the city of Lanark has many things to see and do outside the village. You can plan a visit to the museum, which has a great collection of monuments that reflect the true history of the city. Nature lovers can visit the Clyde Waterfalls and Core house Nature Reserve. Many shops, restaurants and cafes run along the street, and there is an atmosphere throughout the year.

George Square

George Square which is named afterKing George III, in the heart of Glasgow. See the statues and sculptures of Scots pioneers, admire the historic architecture and enjoy delicious cuisine. This friendly place was once a muddy wasteland. At the end of the 18th century, the area was transformed into private gardens surrounded by Georgian tenements. At the end of the 19th century, it was a public square.

Now it houses a Tourist Information Centre, so it’s a good place to start a tour of Glasgow. Try to spend less on your flights by taking cheap airline tickets to Glasgow. Enjoy a meal or beer at the old Bank of Scotland, an Italian Renaissance-style building that now houses a pub and restaurant.


Located in the Forth Valley, between the two major cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, this city offers plenty of things to see and do and is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. However, the most famous attraction is near Falkirk. This is the first and only lifter for swivel boats in the world that you can ride on a wheel. The visitor centre is a great place to learn about this masterpiece, how it transports boats over 100 feet. Some other noteworthy attractions here are the Antoine Wall, which has UNESCO World Heritage status, the 15th-century Blackness Castle, a seven-mile steam train tour along the shore, and an epic mansion at Callendar Park.

Glasgow Cathedral

Some nearby Gothic churches often appear on postcards and photos of the picturesque Queen’s Park.

If you love historical and old places then this place is for you. You can take Turkish airline flights to Glasgow and visit Glasgow Cathedral which is the city’s pride. The current building has been built since the 12th century and is the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish continent that survived the Protestant Reformation in 1560. Legend has it that St. Kentigern or Mungo was buried here at the beginning of the seventh century.

He was the first bishop of Strathclyde, the ancient British kingdom, and patron of Glasgow.

Loch Ness

An easy and unforgettable place for a weekend getaway is Loch Ness, located a short journey from Inverness. This lake is the most famous and largest in Scotland and is known for the “monster” Nessie. The alleged monster has been talked for centuries, dating back to the seventh century, when rumours spread in the water.

Visitors who want to learn more about Ness can visit both the Loch Ness Centre and the Exhibition Experience and Nessie land. If you want to do more than just learn about Ness, be sure to stop by Urquhart Castle, where you can walk around the ruins discovering cells and towers.

Queen’s Park

Visit Queen’s Park to relax or have lunch on the well-kept lawns, walk around the huge greenhouse and meet exotic wildlife and local birds. If you fancy socializing, do sports and enjoy live events. Some nearby Gothic churches often appear on postcards and photos of this picturesque city park. These include the French-style Camphill Church and the Scottish Queen’s Park Church. Visit the pond and notice the mute swans, duck ducks and mallards in and above the water. Take a picnic with you on one of the designated benches or from a blanket on the grass. Do not miss the large rose garden, the fragrant remnant of the World Rose Convention in Glasgow, which took place over a decade ago.

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