How to Recycle and Save Money

  • The amount of effort and money invested in the production and packaging is enormous.
  • People should have a positive attitude towards recycling.
  • A small change in our mindset can do wonders, both for you and the environment.

You may think of recycling as doing your part when it comes to helping the planet and being eco-friendly. Some of us may find it exhausting or unnecessary. We also may see it as a way of reducing our waste. However, the fact is that recycling is also a way to economize and save more money than you would expect.

Mounds of shredded rubber tires ready for processing.

Mind the production process

Most of the time, we are prone to care only about things that affect us personally and our tiny world. It’s hard to see the bigger picture when all you have to do is to buy a bag at the cashier desk instead of thinking about it in advance and taking one from home. What harm can come with buying it?

Well, when you put this issue in a wider context, it can be a true eye-opener. Think about all the trees that need to be cut, the production plant that needs to work to process it, the transport cost so that it could travel from across the world and reach the store where you shop. The amount of effort and money invested in the production and packaging is enormous. Once you see it that way, it’s hard not to care.

Past vs. future

Of course, times have changed but there is no harm in reminiscing about how it used to be when you were young. You can probably remember the weekends when you went on an adventure with your parents and look for old stuff at flea markets or doing a DIY project with your dad where you try to reuse an old chair or fix a table. And you remember how your dad used to go to the local tip to get rid of the waste.

Nowadays, local tips are much further away. It’s obvious that it will cost you more to go there – the trip itself isn’t free. Also, the locations and the environment of those local tips are different now. They can be hazardous for people and they have a higher level of control. It’s become impossible to scavenge through that waste and find something useful. It’s simply something that has to be left in the past. Today, professionals handle your waste. It’s even possible to find rubbish bins for hire so that every step of the process is done by somebody else. You only need to collect your waste and let others do the transport for you at a cheap price.

Rubbish shaming – justified or not?

Most of us have good intentions when it comes to recycling but not many of us find the time to deal with it. The hectic times we live in force us to say “I simply don’t have time for that” or “I have better things to do with my time”. Who could blame you?

Well, it has been suggested in some cities that bins should be made of clear plastic so that your neighbors can see what you are throwing away In other words, everybody will be able to see if you are being a responsible, eco-friendly citizen. Of course, there are opposed opinions on the matter, reflecting on whether rubbish shaming is simply a form of punishment and not positive reinforcement for people.

Computer processors retrieved from waste stream.

People should have a positive attitude towards recycling. It shouldn’t primarily be their legal obligation or a way to avoid shame but rather a way to feel better and proud of themselves. After all, you are doing some good for your community and the planet, right? You’re giving something in return.

Find your motivation to recycle

There are many ways to recycle – it’s not just about giving back used things so that they could be reused. The chance to recycle is all around you – giving old items new purpose, refurbishing and fixing instead of buying a new item, giving people something that you have made instead of buying something that’s been commercially produced.

It depends on you how you will approach the issue. The more ways you find, the more interesting it will get. And it does make you feel proud of yourself, doesn’t it? Your kids will have a great role model and they will wish to act the same.

Final words

No matter what you think right now, recycling is the cheaper choice for any of us. A small change in our mindset can do wonders, both for you and the environment.

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Mike Parsons

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