How to Remove Battery of HP Laptop and Replace a New One?

  • There might be some rubber feet on the back board that you should remove before you can get to the battery.
  • By and large its not too difficult to do if you know what a screwdriver is.

Generally, if your laptop battery needs a replacement and taking it to a repair shop is an inconvenience for you, you can easily do the replacement from the comfort of your home. In this HP laptop battery replacement how to, we will take you through the steps to guarantee a successful outcome. Best to consult a service manual for the exact procedure, but by and large its not too difficult to do if you know what a screwdriver is.

Step 1. Switch off your laptop and disconnect from the force source.

This is the easiest advance simultaneously however it bears rehashing. As well as totally shutting down your Laptop, you will likewise need to make sure you have detached it from the force source. If not, you will be in genuine peril of hurting yourself through an electric shock.

Step 2. Use a Screwdriver to remove the Back Panel.

Most HP Laptops require the replacement of the back board for a battery substitution. This implies that you may need to put resources into a Phillips-head #0 screwdriver or a Laptop opening unit, the two of which are cheap and can make the way toward introducing new battery a lot less complex.

There might be some rubber feet on the back board that you should remove before you can get to the battery; however this relies upon your Laptop’s model. Utilize a plastic opening apparatus or you can use a guitar pick to pry off the rubber, which will permit you to remove the screws that hold the body of your Laptop together.

Use the screwdriver to open the screws on the back board and afterward tenderly remove the back front of your Laptop. This may expect you to use the plastic tool again to loosen the edges.

It’s normally simpler to begin in a corner and cautiously oust the board, yet make certain to take care not to hurt the segments inside.

Step 3. Remove the Laptop battery.

Use your screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding your battery place inside the body of the Laptop. After it is released, you should detach the cable that joins your battery to your system.

Be careful while doing this on the grounds that these parts are fragile and you can mess up on the off chance that you harm them. Additionally, try to remove the battery from your device.

Take the new battery and make sure it is clear of any plastic. Check that it’s for sure the right battery for your Laptop so it will not cause any similarity issue. Spot the battery into the space on your Laptop and ensure it is arranged appropriately.

Step 4. Connect your new battery to the body of your laptop.

Now, you can start the process of connecting the new battery. After you fix in the new battery, you should start reversely what you just finished to get your Laptop run again.

Step 5. Replace the Back Panel.

Line up the back cover to the rest of your Laptop use your screwdriver to return the cover on.Once more, you will need to be cautious so as not to make things too close or excessively free,in light of the fact that possibly one can harm your device. Replace the rubber footings on the lower part of your Laptop if your Laptop has them.

Step 6. Confirm performance with a new battery report.

Once everything is arranged and assembled back, plug your Laptop into a power source.

Following a couple of moments of charging, turn on your Laptop to make sure everything starts appropriately. In case that your Laptop gives off an impression of being working appropriately,you will need to play out another battery report to see what your Design Capacity is and if that everything looks in the manner in which you would expect. If it does, you are ready to use your Laptop again with a proper battery life.

Removing your HP laptop battery is an activity that’s not so complicated if you know your way around screws and gadgets. If you notice that your laptop battery health has declined, that should be your cue to get a new one.

So, by following the above steps, you will be able to successfully do a hp laptop battery replacement. But, if you are new in doing the process yourself, then you must contact to laptop repair service, and consult an expert. They will always help you in a better way on how to remove battery from hp laptop.

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