How to Stay Motivated to Keep Working Out in 2021

  • Declaring you'll have six-pack abs by the end of January isn't a doable goal.
  • Reduce the number of days you go to the gym. In their place, find another means of exercise.
  • Supplements help replace nutrients you might be missing due to what you eat.

A New Year means a New You. It’s a time to clear all the mess of the previous 12 months and transform yourself. One of the classic ways people do this is to establish resolutions to work out more. In fact, improving one’s health is the top resolution people make when the clock strikes midnight on January first. Unfortunately, over 20 percent of those who decide on this path fail to follow through.


Excuses abound on why they give up. The gym is too crowded, the weather is terrible, and they don’t have the time. These are some of the major ones. In recent history, fear of getting sick has moved to the head of the list. However, underneath these excuses is an underlying reason that they simply aren’t motivated. This is unfortunate because maintaining a regular workout schedule can create a New You over the next year. So to help out, here are a few tips to stay motivated to keep working out in 2021.

Set Manageable Goals

Declaring you’ll have six-pack abs by the end of January isn’t a doable goal. Even if you worked on your stomach muscles several hours each and every day you wouldn’t see results. Especially if your diet was still composed of unhealthy foods. Most likely, you’ll give up when you don’t see any progress. To stay motivated you want to set manageable goals. These are ones that, while small, allow you to see progress. For instance, you can still design a goal for six-pack abs. However, make the first month’s achievement to eat better and flatten your stomach. Set the result far enough in the future so you rejoice in its completion well ahead of time.

Take care of the critical items first.

Mix Things Up

While your local gym is a great place to work out, the routines you do could get boring. Yes, it’s a good thing to maintain a regular schedule. However, there’s bound to be a moment when you reach a peak. In other words, you can’t get any more out of what you do. To keep motivated in 2021 you want to mix things up. Reduce the number of days you go to the gym. In their place, find another means of exercise. Walking is a good idea because it increases lung power and stamina. Yoga keeps you flexible and relaxed. If you don’t feel like doing either on a certain day, then consider some low form of aerobics to maintain some form of exercise.

Bring on the Supplements

Fatigue is one excuse people give when their workout routine begins to falter. They’re simply too tired to get up early, too tired when they leave work, or too tired from dealing with family issues. If you’re one of these people, then something might be missing in your diet. In that case, you might want to add supplements. We don’t mean steroids or other anabolic treatments. These are vitamins and minerals to rev up your energy. For example, Supplement Source in Canada or your particular locale have supplies of these nutrients and supplements that you might not be able to find at a supermarket or big box store. No matter the location, these supplements help replace nutrients you might be missing due to what you eat. Taking them regularly should adjust your metabolism so you have more energy throughout the day.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

You have the right intentions to work out in 2021. However, something might appear over the horizon that reduces your motivation. For example, an issue within your family, financial situations, or problems related to physical and mental health. If you have a hard time getting to the gym or exercising at home don’t beat yourself up. Especially if it deals with health or finances. Getting these things straightened out is more important than making a yoga class at 5:30 in the morning.

Take care of the critical items first. When those settle down then resume your exercise regime. You’ll discover that the motivation didn’t go away. It simply maintained a holding pattern while you worked through other issues.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the above tips you’ll realize motivation increases as you start to see changes. Though it may take until the next year, you’ll feel much better.

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