How UAE is Paving the Way Towards AI-Driven Future

  • Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a pervasive technology that has transformed the world by getting into the mainstream of everyday life.
  • While people are yet figuring out the answer that if the businesses are ready to welcome the AI-driven future – UAE has become the leader in pursuing its well-crafted AI strategy.
  • In this way, the country is paving the way towards a tech-savvy lifestyle for the next-generations while setting an example for the rest of the world to follow. So, UAE has ranked as the leader in artificial intelligence.

Do you know every individual living on the planet earth spends around 30 years individually on chores on average? It is not a guess, but Plato’s Timaeus specifically focuses on the same concept. It brings out the truth even in the modern-day to refer the untapped human resource capital to reap the economic benefits. Unwittingly, the philosopher has highlighted the importance of time to be saved. Interestingly, the human being has strived hard to optimize time management by deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the real world scenarios!

More than thirty-five countries have defined their AI strategies to comply with ever-growing demands for technological advancement.

Nevertheless, the emergence of AI has opened the avenues of opportunities for all and sundry. Intelligent machines have emerged into the mainstream by transforming the organizations covering everything from technological infrastructure to the software applications. So, it has created a race among the countries to pave the way for innovation. Interestingly, the artificial intelligence UAE based initiatives are expected to rank the country first in the list of tech-savvy states.

Surprisingly, a few years before, no one had ever thought that someday UAE would be the leader in AI technology, but the country has taken a giant step to prepare the generations for the future. The statement of Sheikh Mohammed provides insights into the country’s vision:

“Artificial Intelligence is the next major revolution of our times – our goal is to be one of the most advanced countries in this regard.”

The blog is aimed at determining the facts that highlight the role of the UAE in leading a future based on artificial intelligence. Keep reading!

Top Ways UAE Is Leading an AI-Based Future

According to the PwC prediction, AI is expected to contribute to the globalized economy with an estimated amount of $15.7 trillion. It will lead a boom to the industry with $6 billion by the year 2025. The facts and figures have pushed many stated to grab their share!

There is no denying that AI has become important in the 21st century. The United Arab Emirates has become the tantamount of futuristic advancement. It is owing to the leading AI strategy, which is set to play a decisive role in the country’s future. Not only this, it is the first country in the world that has a separate ministry of artificial intelligence.

Want to know more about AI in UAE? Let’s have a look!

Establishment of AI Ministry

The AI Ministry has been established in the year 2017. The chief objective of the ministry is to focus on emerging technologies to enhance the deployment of AI tools in every walk of life. The AI minister, Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, is eagerly working closely with other ministries, including Higher Education and Scientific Research well as Education to design curriculum accordingly for next-generation learning.

Additionally, the ministry is paying great attention to formulate legislation related to the use and deployment of artificial intelligence. According to Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, AI is expected to change the world altogether. Therefore, the ministry is aimed at making the UAE a global hub for AI by preparing people to meet emerging technology requirements.

Distinctive Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

The cabinet of UAE has approved a full-fledged strategy dedicated only to the industry of artificial intelligence. The country has taken the decision to foster peace and prosperity, not only in the country but also in the world.  The strategy has eight major objectives, including:

  • Reaffirmation the UAE’s position as a hub of global artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Employment of AI in recruiting, customer services and training individuals to work in technology-driven workplaces
Surprisingly, a few years before, no one had ever thought that someday UAE would be the leader in AI technology, but the country has taken a giant step to prepare the generations for the future.

It will not be wrong to state that the UAE’s strategy is comprehensive enough to cover significant milestones to prepare the existing and coming generations for the future. The strategy further boosts the performance of the government in health, technology, education, transportation, and environmental affairs.

Incorporation of AI in Healthcare

The provision of adequate healthcare services is the primary responsibility of every country. The integration of AI in the healthcare industry has many benefits. Keeping the same in mind, United Arab Emirates is working to integrate artificial intelligence for improved healthcare facilities to all and sundry.

Deployment of AI in Education

Education is the primary industry that is reaping the advantages of AI in the UAE. It is evident from the fact that Alef Education is introduced to foster a culture of computer-assisted learning from the root level.

The Alef platform is deployed in various educational institutions of the Al Ain and Abu Dhabi in a journey of AI revolution in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the establishment of the first AI University in Abu Dhabi has helped the students to gain hand-on experienced in this emerging field of study.

Acceleration campaign for AI

The country is actively supporting various campaigns and initiatives to promote awareness of artificial intelligence in collaboration with global partners. It is evident from the fact that competitions and exhibitions of artificial intelligence UAE are getting higher popularity in the nuke and corner of the world. People from distant countries are joining hands for a comprehensive series of penal discussions, roundtable conversations, and workshops to know more about the role of AI in the country and its prospects for the other stakeholders.

Integration of AI in Logistic

Artificial intelligence has a long-lasting impact on every sphere of life. It is evident from the fact that AI is shaping the future outlook of the logistics and transportation industry. The advent of drone vehicles has helped the logistics industry to reach new destinations. Similarly, the use of AI-based virtual assistants has helped in mitigating the risks of uncertain situations and accidents.

Additionally, automation in transportation is something incredible for managing a complex system of transportation. The state of UAE has recently signed the agreement of traffic management explorations using artificial intelligence. It revealed a glimpse of a bright future ahead!

Final Thought – AI is the future of the UAE!

Coming to the moral of the discussion, various governments across the world have recognized the significance and scope of artificial intelligence for survival and stability. Till the present day, more than thirty-five countries have defined their AI strategies to comply with ever-growing demands for technological advancement.

However, UAE is the first country in the Middle East and the Gulf States that have taken practical steps for fostering a culture of awareness and learning to get the maximum out of AI-based innovations. So, it is safe to say that artificial intelligence is the future face of the United Arab Emirates!

Evidently, infrastructural developments have turned the desert into the most progressive country, while AI advancement is transforming the face of the country. Don’t forget to be part of famous AI events and gatherings happening in the UAE!

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