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I was reading an article by “techcloud link” on the Communal News website claiming: accountant and bookkeepers solutions can benefit your firm; that the cloud saves time and increases production and mobility. They also claim the cloud helps professionals to service their clients better, and that it promotes business growth.

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Those last few words struck me, “promotes business growth.” So I thought, “Yes, professional services are coming to the cloud, and the human cloud is coming to the gig economy.”  It is our belief that accounting and bookkeeping will soon be seen as Human Cloud Freelance Gig Services. We can imagine a future scenario where multiple global firms are competing to do one year of bookkeeping or taxes for you, allowing you to test the product before you decide to go longer term.

Techcloud link also claimed “Cloud-based services offer numerous benefits to clients and firms alike, including speed and efficiency, reliability, and enhanced customer service. The cloud saves time and boosts efficiency…clients will favor business partners like lawyers, accountants, and marketing agencies that are fully up to speed with the technologies they use in their own businesses.”

List just above are the newest freelance gigs posted on Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace (FGG). Communal News posts the newest freelance gigs on over 2000, related news pages.

Boy, if that does not send a message that lawyers and marketing agencies should be utilizing freelance gigs to boost their business, I don’t know what else would. Most companies like Costco, Albertsons and Safeway have private label brands, because the margins increase as they sink few, if any, dollars into advertising or branding.  What better way to offer private label services until your main brand achieves critical mass? My CPA told me technology and/or products are only half the battle; Getting and retaining clients is the other half.

So, for those looking into an expansion of services in the cloud, we would strongly recommend you list on Human Freelance Gig Platforms, such as Freelance Global Gigs Low Cost Platform. There is no upfront cost, only shared revenues– and they’re one of the lowest total cost firms on the market.

“In the constantly transforming field of accounting and bookkeeping, innovation and adaptability are crucial. To stay ahead of the competition and continue to grow, firms must find ways to make the most of the benefits of cloud technology.” techcloud link

We could not agree more. As more professional services move to the cloud, and multiple companies start nationwide lower-cost technology-based services, the overall cost will start to come down. If your service company is about to see long term margin erosion, isn’t it time you look to offer technology services, to offset the efficiency gains of some of your larger competitors? Creating a gig listing is easier than posting a paid ad on Craigslist.  Plus, what better location to offer a low cost gig service than within a news article that on the same subject?

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