Hurdles for Women’s Development

  • Analysis for the development of Women’s status.
  • How far Women are hale and healthy?
  • Psycho somatic disease in women.
  • Factors needed to uplift the status of women and having Five images.

This article is taken out from the book “WOMEN POWER NEEDED FOR VIBRANT SOCIETY AND WORLD (A Scientific & Yogic Perspective)” published by The reader may get clarity for removing the hurdlers while empowering the women:

Normally, people feel that men and society are responsible for debacle of women. The scenario like men does not help or assist women to achieve their better status and empowerment is not completely true. There could be a sense of man dominating environment but men are not against the development of women’s status and empowerment. The higher analysis discovers that improvement of women’s psychology along with the development of philosophical nature of women will help them to equalize their status with men. If women start working in psycho domain along with soma domain of women hood, they will find the missing links in their growth. Firstly, they (women) should have understanding of physical and mental health and they should be aware of the measuring steps related to the same.

1. Analysis for the development of Women’s status

The questions like how to improve the status of women and how to empower them? So that, the whole world can get well balanced growth in the field of environment, economy, education and culture; which are known as fabrics of society. The image briefly describes that (i) How to accelerate the Women’s Status in the World? (ii) What are Factors affecting the upliftment of women’s Status?  (iii) How Yoga comes as a 21st Century Religion?  (iv) What are the most common diseases in women and (v) How Yoga helps to improve the same?

Let us analyse these questions. The basic and fundamental factors like adopting co-education, social reforms like children’s marriage, widow marriage, sharing parental property, participation in debate, contribution in religious activity and paying the attention to uplift the weak field of women have to be addressed by the society. In addition, the factors effecting the status of women could be i) unavailability of modern education ii) freedom of expression iii) liberty of choosing carrier iv) independency in leaving style etc. these factors could be resolved in modern society. Some of the hidden factors like diseases and wisdom in spirituality (Yoga) could be tackled to improve the status and empowerment of women.

Nature or Prakriti is very kind to women by providing menstrual cycle through which they can get inner purification of most of the systems (five systems) of healthy life. This (menstrual cycle) can also help women to achieve better flow of energy (Prana) & space (mind) provided they take the help of yogic practices like Pranayama & meditation. Practicing Yoga, they will always achieve higher consciousness because of higher level of energy and space available to them compared to men. This will also help them to grow adequately in the special field like science & technology and philosophy & spirituality. To achieve the better mental health, women need to posses sound physical health.

2.  How far Women are hale and healthy?

The human body (including women) can be divided in three levels namely (i) Physical (ii) Pranic (Bio) & (iii) Mental. Likewise, the prevailing disease in each level has already been defined by Ayurveda as (i) Pitta (ii) Vayu & (iii) Kapha. There is a relation between each level and corresponding diseases defined by Ayurveda. This kind of relation is the indicator of health in women for activity & disease.  The image “Indicator of Health” describes the characteristics of the diseases. The sign or parameter for each level has also been indicated. For example, restlessness as Pitta, lethargic attitude as Vayu and Sattva under fear as Kapha is the indicator of physical diseases.

Likewise, Nostril blockage (left nostril blockage indicates the restlessness of mind); Right nostril blockage represents the restlessness of Prana or Vital force; Pain or pleasure around spine indicate that Central nervous system (CNS) is affected and the same is the indicator of pranic diseases.

Similarly, lethargic, Idleness, dullness & inert attitude (LIDI); reaction, rejection, condemnation & hateredness (RRCH) and fear, anger, anxiety and depression (FAAD) are the indicator of mental diseases.

In brief, mismatch of physical, pranic (bio) & mental health leads to diseases which can be of psycho – somatic in nature. If the same persists for long time, the disease becomes chronic. There are few diseases like (i) Cancer (ii) HIV (iii) Swine flu and (iv) Ebola virus. They are killer in nature. Once they are found in human system, it is difficult to cure them. Women are likely to get Breast cancer (one of the killer diseases). However, the same can be cured with the help of Chemo & Yoga therapy successfully. Most of the diseases are caused because of disturbances between psycho and soma in physical system.

3.  Psycho somatic disease in women

Generally human being (including women) is suffering from psycho somatic diseases. General perception is that the disease happens in physical body but medical science now agrees that most of the diseases are psycho (mental) and somatic (physical). Psycho diseases happen because of malnutrition of mind; whereas soma diseases cause because of defects in human system and organs.

The malnutrition of mind has been coined as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. They represent the Abuse, Blame, Condemnation or Curse, Doubt, Expectation, Fear, Grievances nature and Hateredness. Likewise Soma disease is caused because of malfunction of DNA, Genes, enjoyable action (Prarabdha karma).

The women are suffering because of doubtful in nature, having more expectation from associates and grumbling or grievances characteristic compared to men. That is why; women are more prone to the psycho (mental aspects) diseases. In addition, they are more reactive, rejective, condemning in nature and more hateredness for enhancing the scenario of psycho disease. Women are more susceptible to breast cancer. This is because, availability of more tissue in breast reason which are prone to get affected by cancerous cells.

Many elite women are suffering from depression in modern world. This is because; they are not having proper mental growth to adjust with the scenario of circumstances.

3.1 Yoga is the only treatment for psycho somatic disease

Yoga works at root level of five systems consisting organs, tissues, cells & D.N.A. Medical science (Allopathy, Homeopathy & Ayurveda) has developed medicines to tackle the diseases spreading in system and organs level in general and tissues & cells level in specific manner. Yogic practices (when carried out in proper way) work up to the root level. The same is described in image “How Yoga works at root level (Repair Mechanism)?” in brief.

In case of immunity development, the Bone marrow system and thymus glands are connected to the generation of white blood cells (WBC). The fall of WBC level allows the bacteria & virus to spread quickly in the effected system. Yogic practice like Pranayama helps to purify Bone marrow system as well as thymus gland. To achieve this, slow and deep breathing helps to minimize the toxins in the body and thereby, increasing the effectiveness of thymus gland and Bone marrow system. Pranayama helps to bring the repair mechanism (correction) easily up to tissue level.

Cells exist at the root of tissue. When they are affected, the killer diseases like Cancer, HIV, Swine flu and Ebola virus are prone to affect the cells. To purify them (cells), special yogic technique including Maha Bandha and Maha Mudra are very effective. In this connection, it may be noted that few cells are newly born, some are required for maintenance and some are needed for replacement. If defective cells are more than other two cells, ageing starts even in young age. Yoga makes correction.

DNA gets affected in case of Cancerous cells and also in presence of virus responsible for Killer diseases. This kind of scenario happens when a patient is of emotional nature and he or she is very prone to have the surge of deep emotional moment, the DNA is likely to get affected. DNA consists of Genes (Genetic information). When it gets affected, Yoga helps to repair DNA by making correction in negative surge of feeling & approach.  Experimental work on repair mechanism of DNA has been conducted and reported at SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anushandhana Sansthana), a world class Yoga University at Bangalore (India). Other than the physical health, certain factors are needed to uplift the status of women.

4.  Factors needed to uplift the status of women

Women and men are having masculine and feminine characteristics. The masculine characteristics namely Ida path, Mind, Moon and Shukla exists at left side and feminine characteristics like Pingla path, Prana or energy, sun, Rajas or Red exists at right side of the body. In case of achieving perfection by women or men, both (masculine and feminine characteristics) have to be equalized. While the development of women hood, the hidden characteristics will be evolved in women and the same will be encouraging factors for their personality development.

The image “Factors needed to uplift the status of women” briefly describes the Masculine and Feminine characteristics of women have to be equalized by means of yogic practice. Factors like animal instinct and urges are to be minimized or eliminated and sense of rationality has to be obtained. Next factors for the development are needed namely i) courage, ii) confidence, iii) inspirational ability, iv) concentration, v) creativity and vi) intuitive aspects which are hidden within every women are to be evolved for achieving the best possible status and empowerment of women. Hidden factors of women can be raised to achieve concentration, creativity and intuitive aspects with the help of meditation in order to make use of the same in day to day life.

It is interesting to note that factors like courage and confidence are the primary one for women to act upon the process for uplifting the status and getting empowered. Next step should be to get initiated, concentrated and achieving the knowledge of creativity is essential. First step of improvement they (women) can achieve with the help of modern education whereas the process of second step could be achieved mainly through yogic practices.

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