Iconic America Under Attack – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Betsy Ross

Some of America’s proudest moments and two of its founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson And George Washington, are now under attack as well as the First American Flag made by Betsy Ross.

Iconic George Washington Paintings

George Washington High School opened on August 4, 1936 to serve as a secondary school for the people of San Francisco’s Richmond District. The school was built on a budget of $8,000,000, on a site overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. The stadium, auditorium, and gymnasium were added in 1940. The school was formally dedicated on Armistice Day 1940. The lobby is decorated with murals by Victor Arnautoff in the “buon fresco” style, depicting scenes from the life and times of George Washington. Although intended to shed light on Washington’s and America’s past, the inclusion of Black slaves picking cotton and of settlers being urged by Washington to step over a prostrate Native American have led to calls for the work’s removal. In June 2019, the school board voted to remove the murals

Some are already attacking George Washington. At George Washington High School in San Francisco they’re spending $600,000 to paint over the historic mural “The Life of Washington.” The 13 panel mural painted Washington as a soldier, surveyor, statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence. George Washington High School  was named in honor of our first President. One of the 1,600-square foot murals contains images of white pioneers standing over the body of a Native Americans and slaves working at Washington’s Mount Vernon estate in Virginia. The mural is now, after 83 years, deemed as being controversial and therefore will be destroyed.

Life of Washington is the name of a set of thirteen murals painted by Victor Arnautoff located in San Francisco’s George Washington High School. As indicated by their title, they depict George Washington at various real and imagined points in his life.

The school board’s unanimous decision to remove the painting was made during the week of America’s birthday. Most of the $600,000 earmarked for the project will go toward a required environmental review and to cover expected legal challenges.

Today you can have expressive and radical art, often mandated, when we build new public buildings, but now the art can’t have a truthful rendering of history.

Monticello outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. Jefferson designed the main house using neoclassical design principles described by Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio and reworking the design through much of his presidency to include design elements popular in late 18th-century Europe and integrating numerous ideas of his own. At Jefferson’s direction, he was buried on the grounds

Iconic Thomas Jefferson Day in His Hometown

Thomas Jefferson died on the 4th of July. He was the 3rd president of the United States and wrote the Declaration of Independence– the founding document signed by our founding fathers.

Thomas Jefferson was the architect that designed Monticello, famous for its design layout and even its doors. Monticello is located just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. The University of Virginia is in Charlottesville and was founded by Thomas Jefferson.

This year Charlottesville canceled Thomas Jefferson Day on the 4th of July and replaced it with Slave Emancipation Day.

Iconic Betsy Ross Flag

Many associate The Betsy Ross flag with the birth of our nation. Because the flag was used during a time when slavery was legal in the United States, Nike removed it from a shoe line just before the 4th of July, stating concerns that it might be offensive.

How is history offensive? Should we accept and acknowledge the past even with it many flaws? Why is history good for over 250 years and now bad to only this generation?

The Betsy Ross flag is an early design of the flag of the United States, named for upholsterer and flag maker Betsy Ross. The pattern, which was in use as early as 1777, uses the common themes of alternating red-and-white striped area with stars in a blue canton. Its distinguishing feature is thirteen 5-pointed stars arranged in a circle to represent the unity of the Thirteen Colonies. As a historic U.S. flag, it has long been a popular patriotic symbol.

On July 4, 1776, we began setting up our opportunity for human freedom to flourish– the most freedom the world has ever known. Our example continues to be the world’s beacon as we see thousands risk their lives daily on the southern border to have our lifestyle– a lifestyle we seem determined to hate.

The United States of America isn’t perfect. We’re merely the very best. Compare it to Russia and Germany and what they did and how many innocent people they killed during and after World War II and the Holocaust. Look at Europe. They were the center of two world wars where millions died. Chinese and Japanese rulers murdered millions to keep control of their countries.

We have our issues but freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of movement should be cherished.

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