If You’re Not Carrying Numbify in Your Tattoo Shop, You’re Losing Money!!!

One of the greatest realizations of the modern world of marketing is the potential of point of sale purchases. Having a variety of different options and upgrades are an important way of maximizing your profit margins. Today we want to talk to you a bit about how Numbify can help boost profits at your tattoo shop, and help you help more customers.

One of the first things you learn in business is that there are generally three ways to increase profits. Today we are going to break those down a bit and show you how Numbify can help with all three of those points:

  1. Bring in more customers – Numbify is a great way to bring more customers into your tattoo shop. Numbify has had a great deal of success in the last few years and has become known nationwide for being the most effective topical anesthetic on the market. Used frequently in the tattoo industry, when customers know that you carry Numbify, they know that you recognize quality. You can even work it into your advertising, or create a package deal where you include the product with the service!
  2. Get your customers to come back more often – This one is easy to understand – when you have customers who love tattoos, but who are a bit squeamish about the needle, having Numbify on hand for them to use will help bring them back to your shop again and again. Imagine being able to turn one time customers into customers for life. That can happen when you combine your artistic skills with the one of a kind comfort that Numbify brings to the table. Lets face it tattoos are addictive, and having the number one topical pain reliever in the nation on your side is a great way to keep them coming again and again.
  3. Upsell to earn more profit from each customer – We actually have a lot of tattoo artists who keep Numbify around as a freebie for their customers, and we think that’s great. Gaining additional profits through steps 1 and 2 are enough for them, and that’s an awesome thing. However many shops struggle, and having Numbify as a point of sale purchase upgrade for every customer will definitely boost those profits. With as much as a 35% profit margin, Numbify is the perfect upsell. You can sell it before the tattoo begins, and it goes to work fast to help relieve that pain.

Numbify is more than just a great profit booster, it is also a company that places the highest priority on taking care of their customers, and putting integrity before profits. Their motto is Strongest Numbing – Natural Ingredients – Low Cost Pricing.

Many companies post fake reviews on the internet to not only make additional sales of individual products, but they also know that tattoo shops like your are also reading those reviews when they are deciding who to carry in their shops. Don’t be deceived by fancy words, or thousands of fake 5-star reviews; many of those products are extremely low quality, and almost none of them have the commitment Numbify has made to constant improvement and honesty in all of their transactions.

The best part is that Numbify doesn’t expect you to just take their word for it. Any legitimate tattoo shop can receive a free sample of Numbify to try out for themselves. You can test it side by side against any other product on the market today– because that is what Numbifys strongest numbing challenge is all about. So head on over to Numbify.com today and sign up for a free sample today!!!!!

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