Impatience, Anxiety, Poverty Cause Riots During Corona Pandemic

  • Russians rioted in opposition to Putin.
  • People of the Netherlands rioted against lockdown.
  • Israel Chassidic Orthodox rioted in Bnei Brak.

As lockdowns spread out throughout the world they bring with them sometimes violent response. Such is the case in many places in the world where there are demonstrations against the leadership of their nation.

In Israel this week in the city of Bnei Brak the police cracked down on Ultra-Orthodox religious offenders of Corona lockdown restriction which brought violent response. The Ministry of Health in Israel has given orders that all schools should be closed. Public Gatherings inside allow only five people and outside 10 people. The religious communities throughout Israel consider sacred their organized communal prayers and education for the youth. In the last lockdown before the winter season it was easier to organize learning and prayer outside in the open air where there is less danger of spreading infection.

Riots in the Netherlands.

The weather has changed in Israel making it too cold to pray and learn outside. The police came to break up several religious schools learning against restrictions, a wedding where attended over 100 people, and prayers which were crowded in small synagogues. The result was a riot in the city of Bnei Brak which lasted a whole night. Policemen were injured by rock throwing. A bus was attacked, the driver was pulled out of the bus, and the bus was torched. The third lockdown in the winter season has been very difficult but the number of serious hospitalizations has risen drastically and also the mortality rate. The largest percentage of serious cases is in the Chassidic religious communities.

Netanyahu and Yudi Edelstein Minister of Health refuse to ignore the potential dangers of disobeying of these lockdown regulations which required police intervention. Netanyahu is even now considering doubling the penalty fees for offenders. There have been violent demonstrations outside the home of Netanyahu throughout the Pandemic refusing to accept these lockdown measures, a third lockdown or even a fourth lockdown. Opponents to Netanyahu in the coming election in March blame him for prolonging the Corona Pandemic even though Israel is ahead of the world in vaccinations.

In Russia living under the pressures of Corona Pandemic the opposition to President Vladmir Putin organized one the largest rallies in years. Supporters of Alexei Navalry a critic of Putin was arrested Sunday. Navalry called for these protests. Putin like other world leaders is being attacked for his response to the Corona Pandemic. In Russia over 3 million people have become infected by Corona, with almost 70,000 deaths. Russia was from the first nations to produce a vaccine. People just don’t trust Putin anymore. Russia is suffering acute economic hardship with unemployment rising. More than 3000 rioters were detained by Russian police. Others were brutally treated by police in response to demonstrations.

Riots in the Israel city of Bnei Brak.

In the Netherlands anti-lockdown rioters clashed with Dutch police. Police in Amsterdam used water cannons to disperse the protesters. In the southern city of Eindhoven cars were burnt and shops smashed in riots against the country. Riot police on horseback attempted to clear the demonstrators.

President Biden has now taken over the job of calming the nation of America amidst the Pandemic. Protesters took to the streets of Portland after Biden was sworn in. At least eight people were arrested after rioters damaged both federal and private property. Demonstrations were mostly peaceful but there were some interruptions with violence. During the Trump administration Portland was a central location used by anarchists to oppose American democracy.

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David Wexelman

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