In Review: The Room Where it Happened

  • Timing is everything with John Bolton's book.
  • It should have been released sooner, for example, during the impeachment.
  • The book paints a picture of Trump being unskilled.

John Bolton’s book, The Room Where it Happened, was released last week. Like many others, I was interested in reading this book.  In the US, it became a pattern that as soon as one leaves office, suddenly it is time to write a memoir. In addition, the timing of the book is interesting.

The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir is an upcoming memoir by John Bolton, who served as National Security Advisor for U.S. President Donald Trump. Leaked information about the book’s contents increased the pressure for having Bolton testify in the Senate’s impeachment trial of Trump.

The US is in the middle of the campaign season for the upcoming US presidential election in the fall. It coincided with the US President, Donald Trump, starting to hold rallies. Because of the coronavirus, public gatherings were canceled.

Coronavirus continues to be at the forefront of news around the world. Last week, a number of the US  States, including Florida and Texas, saw one of the largest spikes in new cases. The governors again had to apply tougher measures.

It should be noted that temporary leaks and releases are nothing new in policy. This month, there was another leak related to the Biden-Poroshenko scandal in Ukraine. It is important to note it is not authenticated.  These leaks are made specifically to cast doubt on US presidential candidates. Joe Biden is not Barack Obama. However, he does share similar centrist views with Obama.

John Bolton’s book was easy to read and well written. However, there were no large bombshells in the book itself. The book does portray Trump as somewhat clueless on some simple issues. There are many examples of this kind in the book. Trump’s dirty deeds do not surprise anyone. Michael Avenatti has already done all the dirty work on that topic.

The book points out Trump’s shortcomings and that he is not the right choice for re-election. Even without the book, Donald Trump is not as eloquent a speaker as Vladimir Putin, or even the President of China. This does not exclude that both Putin and Xi are dictators and both pose a danger to the West.

The best US speaker of this century would be Barack Obama. To note, I found former FBI Director James Comey to be an interning speaker, and quite engaging.  Obama has this draw, although he is a Democrat, but closer to the center.

The book also depicted that Trump is ready to betray America’s interests in trade negotiations with China for personal interest. There are a large number of other points that show that most of Trump’s strengths are actually weaknesses written and distorted by political strategists for the sake of electing Trump as President. Steve Bannon designed the Trump campaign and connected with certain groups of voters in the US to get him elected.

The USA is a unique country, based on the Constitution and freedom. There is no other country in the world with such capabilities, even Canada. If you look at the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Article 2 does not guarantee freedom of speech. The Canadian government can still control it. Canada is still a democratic society, but with some reservations.

Moreover, when memoirs are written by major political figures, they usually become bestsellers, and eventually become a commercial enterprise. At the same time, of course, timing is everything. If this book had been published after the election, it would not have been so interesting. It should have been released during the impeachment hearings.

It is highly likely that Biden will win the fall election. The coronavirus significantly changed the US political path. Trump’s main “trump” card was the success of the American economy. However, it is widely known that in the first presidential term, the economy is what the previous President did.

Thus, the great economy owes much to the strategic work of Obama and the efforts of his term. It is known that when Obama took office, George W. Bush left the US in a very difficult situation, because of the 2008 economic collapse.

However, it’s not that simple. In the United States, there are provisions to restrict the dissemination of unsolicited information received while working in an administrative position. Of course, there is a confidentiality clause in Bolton’s contract. His name cannot be excluded from the contract of a White house official of this level.

Violation of this clause will not allow, for example, to convict Bolton for disclosing secrets. He probably doesn’t give out any state secrets. However, this can make the commercial interest negligible. The fact that, on the basis of the contract clause, you can display the state of all the profit that the author may receive from the sale of the relevant books.

That’s including not only the book itself, but advertising contracts, the sale of related products, etc. Note that Trump tried to stop the publication of the book, but to no avail. Besides, Bolton was never a Trump man.

This is one of the prominent representatives of neoconservatives, who throughout his career, worked hard in the interests of this wing of the Republican Party. Bolton has also always suggested talking to China and Russia from a position of strength, which is actually a wise move. Putin understands only power, there is no such thing as high diplomacy in the Kremlin.

Unfortunately, Trump exposed Bolton, in the event of his resignation, in very unflattering language. He accused Bolton of being a narcissistic, embittered, fixated on his own opinion, narrow-minded type. It is obvious that Bolton, after such a resignation, has no path to the Trump administration.

Moreover, unflattering reviews are very likely to be painfully perceived by Bolton himself. So, at least it was nice for him to add fuel to the fire that was burning around the Trump election. John Bolton is a well-educated, talented politician. What came into his mind was a disappointment. Given the trajectory of other comings and goings in the White house, this is not surprising.

In this case, neoconservatives may well have tried to establish interaction with Trump’s opponents from the Democratic camp, trying to at least add a few positions to themselves. The Democrats will be willing to concede, for example, in the gubernatorial elections, or in the elections to local authorities, which do not put strong opponents against candidates of the neocons.

John Robert Bolton is an American attorney, political commentator, Republican consultant, former diplomat and national security advisor. Bolton published his memoirs in June 2020, titled The Room Where It Happened.

These kinds of deals are not out of the ordinary for the American political system. Bolton will always be part of Prescott Bush.

For Bolton, this book really caused a lot of discussion and spoiled the mood of President Trump. In fact, Trump has never been a true conservative. Bolton is the one who created this image. At one time, Donald Trump was one of the largest donors to the Clinton Foundation.

At the same time, however, all is not so calm within the party. The Republican party is essentially split, and in a semi-detached state. The Democrats supported the ongoing anti-racist protests, and in some places even rushed to lead them. For Democrats, being united is a good sign. This is a winning strategy, since the division within is the most dangerous.

That’s why Russian trolls always try to divide themselves inside, and outside of personal opinion. Joe Biden is a centrist and can be useful for Democrats and America. At the same time, if he had a running mate like Michelle Obama, it would attract a broader audience.

Republicans are divided into camps:

  1. Those who support the protest as a whole call for order.
  2. Those who support Trump’s policies and believe that protests should not violate the rights of people and the interests of the state.
  3. Those who believe that Trump is not doing everything necessary to stop the protest, and with the initiators, you need to speak much more decisively.

And this is only on one issue. How many of them are on the agenda of the US Republicans?

Donald Trump’s foreign policy is not going so well, even his loyalty to Israel with Palestine is now fading. Russia does not listen to the US. At least with Obama, Putin retreated from many scenarios.

John Bolton waited too long for the release of a book that should have been published much earlier. At the end, another memoir, but what is the purpose now?

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Christina Kitova

I spent most of my professional life in finance, insurance risk management litigation.

2 thoughts to “In Review: The Room Where it Happened”

  1. Who boy. First, Stormy Daniels now claims she did not have an affair with Trump. Avenatti is in jail. The Trump economy as not due to Obama. Only a partisan would believe such a thing. The Obama economy (which was growing) began taking off from the morning after Trump’s election and never quit until the Wuhan Flu showed up.

    With all the lawlessness in the US right now, which Democrat leaders refuse to condemn (in fact they openly encourage it!), the choice for America could not be more stark. America’s elites said Trump would destroy all of our institutions, but it is THEY who in fact have destroyed them in their all out war against him and the Americans who support the issues he campaigned on.

    Bolton is a huge war monger. So are many US generals. THIS is the reason they are so mad at Trump. He is trying to stop the Endless Wars and to make Allies pay for their protection. Trump is many things, but he’s the most courageous man to run for President in my lifetime and he is the only thing preventing the fundamental transformation of America into something 100% corporate cronyist, socialist, and unfree.

    1. Thank you for reading. I tend to disagree with you. However, in democratic society everyone free to voice their opinion. I don’t see bravery. As far as wars, are concerned, Russia is getting bigger piece of the pie of the world, with Trump politics. Also as far as Germany, if it does leave NATO etc, it might swing to Molotov Ribbentrop act. That would end US supremacy de-facto in the world, which is not a good thing from the geopolitical stand point. Also as are as economy, so if trump took office right after Iraq war, what economy success?

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