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The Would Wide Web and technology has made each and every year easier for the family income provider to increase their earnings, especially with globally offered online side-gigs. The US gained first mover advantage and today is the biggest beneficiary helping to propel its gig providers with outstanding global revenue growth.

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That biggest increase in freelance revenue growth was again in the US, followed by the United Kingdom, both of which witnessed freelance revenue increases of over 50%.  The US alone has about 36% of its workforce now involved in the gig economy. The overall global freelance gig economy is growing 3X faster than the whole US workforce.

A report from digital payments system platform provider Payoneer has identified 10 of the global gig world’s fastest revenue growth countries.

The large increase in revenues is due to:

  • The global scale;
  • Increased openness in languages;
  • Increased flexibility of both the worker and the freelancer;
  • The freelance is the boss and owner of a global business (especially in gigs);
  • The newer lower cost solutions provide the freelance a higher pay solution;
  • No (or lower) office space costs as many gig professionals work at home and often in a second job or a while raising a family and just starting out.

These above listed issues and more contribute to 90% of freelancers forecasting that the industry has an even brighter future ahead of it. Eighty four percent of freelance gig providers say they have a preferred work environment versus 54% that work a traditional job saying the same thing.

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Here’s the top 10 list of freelance markets in 2019 based on year-on-year revenue growth (and their languages):

  1. United States – 78%  – FGG Low Cost Marketplace in English 
  2. United Kingdom – 59% – FGG Low Cost Marketplace in English 
  3. Brazil – 48% –  FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Portuguese
  4. Pakistan – 47% – FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Punjabi 
  5. Ukraine36% – FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Ukraine
  6. Philippines35% – FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Malay
  7. Bangladesh27% – FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Bengali
  8. Russia20% – FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Russian
  9. Serbia – 19% – FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Serbia

For gig providers possibly the two most important statistics are: 78% of gig workers say they’re happier than those working traditional jobs, and 68% say they’re healthier.

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