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  • Your news articles posted immediately on Communal News, Google News, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. and many more. Incredible freedom to write what you have a passion for, when you want. Work from anywhere in the world, allowing you to enjoy the lifestyle of ultimate freedom. Make more money than your friends building a carrier as a journalist. We pay one of the highest pay per view rates in the industry, with no costs to you.

    See your written articles posted immediately on Communal News, Google News, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. and many more.

  • The writing and publishing world is rapidly changing and it takes a lot of work for writers and journalists to get noticed and properly paid on the web. Traditional corporate journalism is slowly dying and skilled writing positions are being eliminated all over, even at premium national news companies. This is making it harder for readers to find high-quality, accurate news reporting. Meanwhile, the news, social media and internet website messaging business becomes even more competitive and interactive each and every year. We believe writers need a professional outlet and not the Uber model.
  • That’s why Communal News introduced their new online paid contributor services, allowing writers and journalists to focus on their craft while letting Communal News do the heavy lifting. We manage the fast growing digital distribution, advertising, and editing– all to help you save time and write a superior, timely product.

Communal News will publish your bio, and often after your first Blog or News article is published, your bio will appear both in Google Organic Search plus in Google News Search.

The staff of Communal News have watched the declining state of journalism with despair. That’s when we decided to find a way to provide readers with local, regional and global news at a cost that makes the whole enterprise affordable, simple and very easy for the writers.

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We’re seeking gifted writers. Where you live in not important, even at home writers. Cover business, sports, lifestyle and foreign affairs from anywhere in the world.

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For freelance writers, you can be your own boss in a way that finally pays off! As a Communal News contributor, we give you the freedom to operate your own writing business.

By using the Communal News platform you could, over time, make a better income, requiring far less hours and effort than your associates who try to start their own online business– knowing the probability of achieving a profitable news blog is very low at best.

We’re looking for quality writers, who want to focus on their craft and leave the business building to the staff at Communal News.

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Jay Black

I try to write fact based articles that most people won't. Lets improve this world including both Corporate and Government malfeasance. If you have a lead about a ethical failure please comment on my article or in many of my comments.

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