Increasing Demand Drives Safety Box for Syringe Market

  • The rising number of patients stricken with needle stick injuries accidentally is the factor driving market growth.
  • Economic growth, and trends in the healthcare sectors, are driving demand in developing nations.
  • The US and Germany are expected to be mature markets.

Safety box for syringes is an innovative packaging solution for the disposal of used syringes and needles to safeguard against infection and bacteria. Safety box for syringe is designed achieve performance, quality, safety and meets the world health organization standards. Safety box for syringe is made of solid board to make sure that the syringe stored inside does not penetrate through the box. Lockable lid on the safety box for syringe prevents the access once the box is in use. Instructions and hazard warnings are printed on the safety box for syringes in order to increase usability. Some of the features of safety box for syringe include availability in 5 to 10 liter sizes, made from solid board, moisture & puncture resistant, lockable flap ensures a safe closure and instructions are printed in several languages. As the use of syringes is increasing due to the increased vaccination among younger ones and for medications purposes, the safety box for syringe market is also expected to be on the rise during the forecast period. Safety box for syringes are essential to reduce the risk of blood borne disease transmission through used needles.

Safety box for syringe is also known as sharps containers. Safety box for syringe puncture proof and impermeable containers for safe disposable of used syringes, needles and other contaminated sharps. Safety box foe syringe should be filled once and discarded immediately. Safety box for syringe, if used correctly and consistently can help prevent many blood borne diseases and needle stick injuries. The demand for safety box for syringe is expected to rise as they help protect health care workers, patients and the community from used and contaminated sharps.

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UNICEF anticipates SIE (Safe Injection equipment) projected demand for 2016-2017 to be for 1.4 billion AD syringes, 83.2 million disposable syringes, 41.6 million RUP syringes and 820,500 RUP syringes with SIP features, 26.7 million needles and 14.4 million safety boxes based on the demand forecast for these products. The rising number of patients who have been stricken with needle stick injuries accidentally is the factor driving the growth for safety box for syringe as the box prevents the patients from needle injuries and other diseases. The instructions to use the safety box for syringe are:

Fill the safety box until it is about ¾ full (or up to the “Full” line if there is one printed on the box) & Do not force too many syringes into the box: 1. A 1-liter box, for outreach sessions, can hold about 20 syringes, 2. A 5-liter safety box can hold up to 100 used syringes. & 3.A 10-liter box can hold approximately 200 used syringes

The safety box for syringe with a capacity of 200 syringes is high on demand at it can store more syringes than other less capacity safety boxes. Also, the 10 liter safety box for syringe eliminates the need of changing the box frequently.

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Global Safety box for syringe is segmented on the basis of capacity into: 1 Liter, 5 Liter & 10 Liter. Global Safety box for syringe is segmented on the basis of application into: Needles, Syringes, Lancets, Auto Injectors & Others Contaminated Sharps

Geographically, the safety box for syringe market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania and Middle East & Africa (MEA). The US & Germany is expected to be a mature market in the safety box for syringe market. While, the India & China are expected to witness the maximum growth of safety box for syringe during the forecast period mainly due to the rapid growth in the healthcare industry in the developing economies. The growing GDP, increasing disposable incomes and growth trends in the healthcare sectors is driving the demand of safety box for syringe in these developing nations. GCC Countries and South Africa are also expected to experience an above average growth in the safety box for syringe.

Smurfit Kappa, HMD, JMI Syringes, Narang Medical Ltd., Becton, Dickinson & Company & Hail Mediproducts Private Ltd.

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