Increasing Usage Drives Net Bags Market

  • The key feature driving net bags market is the premium look they give to the product.
  • Net bags are seeing an increasing demand in the agricultural sector.
  • The North American region is expected to witness an above average growth.

Packaging has become an integral part of our modern life due to its easy transportation, storage and also due to the attractiveness to the consumers. Product packaging can also play a major role in success or failure of the product. One of the important part packaging plays is that it not only protects the product from damage in transporting from manufacturers but also protects the product on the retail shelves. One such important innovation in the field of packaging are net bags. Net bags are the new height of unique packaging. Net bags are a unique combination of functionality, value, and appearance.

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The key feature driving net bags market is that it gives a premium look to the product. Adding further to this, volume buying of the product becomes easier rather than sampling the product. Also, handling of the product becomes easier. Net bags are the possible solution for the various product like fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, etc. The trend of replacing conventional plastic bags to the net bags as they consume relatively less space during inventory and transportation. The key feature driving this market is that it has maximum durability, high strength, and flexibility. Another important factor towards the growth of net bags market is that they are light but strong and they take the shape of the product, occupying less space.

Earlier net bags were used to pack fruits and vegetables, but now the packaging market caters to sports, cosmetic products and now an increasing demand in the agricultural sector. One of the key capabilities of net bags is that they not only protect the packed good from the sun but also provide the vital airing. Currently, they are in enormous demand in the agriculture field. They are perfect carry bags for household goods. That is why they are gaining more and more appreciation from the consumers. One of the important features of net bags is that they allow continuous air circulation and keeps the product fresh for a longer period.

Another factor that is fueling the net bags packaging is that they are damp proof and water resistant which adds the shelf life of the product inside. Furthermore, the usage of the electronic product is another factor towards the growth of net bags packaging because it makes good protective cushioning package materials. Moreover, the breathable fabric makes net bags good for agricultural industries. Innovation which has given a boost to the net bags packaging is protective net sleeves which are put around in liquor bottles and many other products. Another factor driving the use of net bags in the agricultural sector is the invention of drawstrings.

The net bags packaging market can be segmented on the basis of product type, material type, shapes, end uses, and packaging. On the basis of product type it is further segmented into extruded, oriented netting, knitted netting, tubular netting, monofilament and others. On the basis material type, the net bags packaging can be segmented into polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, cotton, and foam On the basis of shapes, net bags packaging it is further segmented into diamond, square, flat and cylinder net bags. On the basis of end uses net bags packaging is segmented into fruit and vegetable packaging, cosmetic packaging, agriculture sector, and protective sleeve in liquor packaging.

Geographically, the net bags packaging market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Middle East & Africa (MEA). The growth of global net bags packaging market is expected to witness a constant CAGR over the forecast period. Moreover, North America is expected to witness an above average growth due to the use of mesh net bags in the agricultural sector. Whereas, in Asia Pacific region the use of fruits and vegetable net bags is expected to witness an above average growth. The increased use of a cosmetic product will also help in driving the net bags packaging market over the region in the forecast period.

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Few of the key players in the net bags packaging market are LC Packaging and Parry Enterprises India Ltd.

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