India Passes Citizenship Bill Discriminating Against Muslims

  • The new legislation of PM Narenda Modi is called unfair by Muslims.
  • The Muslim world has many nations which favor Muslims and Islam.
  • Israel is attacked for discrimination because it is a Jewish state.

India, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narenda Modi, passed a bill called the Citizenship Amendment Bill which gave citizen rights to Hindus and other minorities but not to Muslims. Two hundred thousand Muslims live in India and have citizenship but they are only 20% of the population. They want equal rights and are demonstrating against this bill. Through this bill India controls immigration to prevent the nation from becoming Muslim.

India is a country with a heritage.  The heritage of India is families which adopted the Hindu religion. Therefore 80% of its people are Hindus of different sects and 20% are Muslim. The Muslim and Christian religions came into India after Hinduism was their established religion. India is a democracy but it is also a Hindu nation.

Prime Minister Narenda Modi addresses the crowd.

Many people feel that in a democracy there is equality like in America.  America is a melting pot.  The original inhabitants were American Indians. The American Indians were scattered throughout the continent. They fought for their land but were overthrown by American pioneers. American pioneers like Thomas Jefferson claimed dominion over the initial 13 states and wrote a constitution. They had no choice but to make a constitution one nation under God with liberty and justice forever with equality for all its citizens including Indians. America could not be a colony of Britain which was a monarchy. America became free from Britain. Even though America is sometimes considered white Anglo protestant it is not enough of a majority to give one religion or one ethnic group complete power. Today this is apparent in the conflict between Democrats and Republicans with Trump in the middle of the conflict.

The nation of Israel was established in biblical times when Joshua began its conquest.  It was inhabited by seven nations and called in the name of the land of Kanaan. The Jewish people took over the land and built it into an empire.  It became two nations after King Solomon: Judah and Samaria.

After America conquered the native indian nations, complete dominion belonged to the American pioneers. Before Israel was conquered the land was divided between seven nations with no one united government. The Jewish people united the whole land under one government which gave it forever the label of the land of Israel, the land of the Jewish people. After the destruction of the second temple, the Jews were dispersed from the land. They retained their connection to the land and slowly resettled the land of Israel until today. Today, Israel is a democracy, a secular state giving Jews citizenship. A Jew living anywhere in the world can claim Israeli citizenship. Muslim Israelis do not serve in the IDF because they are considered security risks. India and Israel have an extensive economic, military and strategic relationship.

The Indian armed forces number over a million soldiers.

In India, religion forms a major, and in many cases the central, element in their lives. India was united by religion and became a democracy. The recent citizenship bill strengthens India as a Hindu nation. Eighty percent of the population is Hindu which gives them the power to make this new law. The 20% Muslims in the country who are demonstrating against this law are a minority and most of them are immigrants from neighboring Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Muslim nations. The new law protects the Hindu heritage. India through this law is a Hindu nation, a democracy.

The Muslim minority gaining more power is recognized by the Hindu establishment as a danger. Hindus and Muslims living in Kashmir have been at war for years. There is a cultural gap between the two sides with extremists on both sides which clash. They have been fighting from the time when India and Pakistan were partitioned in 1947.  There is a rivalry between Muslim and Hindu.

The Muslim world also gives power to Muslims and Islam in different degrees. The Muslim world is divided into three categories:

  • Islamic states that have adopted Islam as the ideological foundation of the state and constitution such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • Muslim majority nation states that have endorsed Islam as their state religion such as Egypt Jordan, Morocco, etc.
  • Muslim nations which are secular states such as Albania, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Turkey, etc.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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