India Tests Ballistic Missiles, MKs Launch Campaigns

  • Israel has defense agreements with India.
  • A total lockdown will begin on Friday.
  • There are many shifts going on in preparation for the new elections in March.

Israel Aerospace Industries successfully tested its medium range surface to air missile in India. It is able to shoot down enemy aircraft at a range of 50-70 kilometers. It is meant to help protect India from enemy aircraft. It is used by the Israeli navy, as well as the Indian navy and ground forces.

India tests Israeli Missile

Both countries have joint interests in its development. Israel and Greece are ready to sign an expansive defense deal. It is a long-term partnership that will serve the interests of both Greece and Israel.

It is also well known that Azerbaijan used Israeli drones in their short-term war with Armenia.

The Trump Administration, again, has succeeded to break the cold war in the Middle East. Besides helping to make peace between Israel and Gulf Arab states in the Abraham Accords— which was signed in Washington between Israel, Bahrain, and UAE— the administration has now broken the cold war between two Arab nations, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is hosting the the 41st Gulf Cooperation Council Summit. Bahrain’s Crown Prince and Prime Minister was the first to arrive at the meeting. This is the first time that Qatar will join them in the summit. This a major change in the Gulf after years of opposition to Qatar from the other Gulf states attending the Summit.

Qatar is a big supporter of Hamas in Gaza, and Israel sees this change to possibly bring Saudi Arabia into the Abraham Accords. Bahrain and the UAE are pushing for stability in the region. America under the Trump Administration has worked to bring this stability closer.

For the last two weeks, Israel has been in a partial lockdown to bring down the count of new infection, hospitalization, and deaths from the coronavirus. The partial lockdown has not helped, and the cases are on the rise, even to reach the amount of new cases before the second lockdown.

A total lockdown will begin on Friday. Schools will be closed and transportation between cities will be limited. Israel is leading the world in vaccinations, reaching above 1 million vaccinations. Until after the second vaccination, which is three weeks later, it will not be unknown the affects of vaccination on the people and its economy.

Ayalet Shaked, former Minister of Defense, joined with Naftali Bennett in the Yamina party.

Those vaccinated will receive a green card, which can be used in many ways.  The new mutation has already been located in Israeli communities and is being researched by Israel biologists to determine its affects on those that have been already vaccinated.

There are many shifts going on in preparation for the new elections in March. Blue and White has lost several of its representatives, which have joined other parties. There are rumors that Benny Gantz, the head of Blue and White, is considering joining Yamina, under the leadership of Naftali Bennett.

Both Mr. Gantz and Mr. Bennett have served as Ministers of Defense. Likud has been weakened by New Hope, the party of Gideon Saar.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may not be able to make a government this time, which is the goal of many of his opponents in the Knesset and in Israel.

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