Indonesians, with the Malay Language, Help Unlock Southeast Asia’s Low Cost Freelance Global Gig Markets

Indonesia is the largest economy in South East Asia, with a population of over 270 million people, making it the 4th largest populated country in the world behind China, India and the Untied States. Indonesia is behind on the internet revolution with only about 18% of the population having access to the internet, but that number is growing rapidly. Most of the jobs in Indonesia, including freelance work, are repetitive and low paying– often data entry in the English language.

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Indonesia has been late in the adoption of the freelance marketplace even though their neighboring island nation, the Philippines, which is smaller, is number six worldwide in freelancing. This is because the Philippines has made several strides to improve their freelancer market.

Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace is now offering a low cost gig platform to Indonesia in the language of Malay. One of the most important aspects of freelance is staying current both in your fast growing and constantly changing field specialization, but also with the fast-paced global freelance gig marketplace that you’re competing in.

Indonesia Freelance Global Gig News in Malay Language :

     Berita Gergasi Global Freelance

The average Indonesia wage in US dollars is around $3,850 per year. On the global competitive stage that has significant room for improvement.  Today, in your native Malaysian language, it’s easy to build a worldwide entrepreneurial specialized business, one that could be many times more profitable than traditional repetitive labor positions.

It is now easy and free for service professionals to open up an entrepreneurial business on the internet. An Indonesian professional can specialize in a much higher paying freelance gig service, hopefully, one that is in demand worldwide (You might ask what is a freelance gig?). The pay for many specialized skilled service gigs can be many times higher than almost all manual labor jobs or data entry jobs in Indonesia.

When you post a gig with FGG Low Cost Marketplace you gain access to strong integrated worldwide exposure, with our oversized audience, and possibly the lowest total cost in the industry (where the buyer and seller often save over 40%).

You can even create a future providing gig opportunities in the evening after completing a traditional  job while you get stated, or while at home between the times when you’re raising a family. This is a real opportunity to unlock your skills and enter the global market directly on a low cost platform. Enclosed are some ideas for beginners.

Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace have the ability to promote your services worldwide with their news services published in over 100 languages and on Google News.  They are also on a very low cost platform allowing the Indonesian gig provider more respect, a higher share of the profits, and more ownership of their specialized work.  Communal also brings millions of readers and over 200,000 links to new posts worldwide. The low total cost, combined with the very high global readership growth, is making FGG Low Cost Marketplace a very fast growing platform.

The gig economy in SE Asia (including Indonesia) is forecast to provide one of the region’s most import career opportunities. This is especially true if you imagine a skilled Indonesian entrepreneur being paid on a worldwide wage scale, providing a wage many times more than their respective working neighbors. If you add in that they are providing services in highly in-demand fields, they could earn income very close to people with the same skills in wealthier countries.

To post a freelance global gig from Indonesia, and or SE Asia, it is free, simple, easy and very fast !

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