Infinite Light Healing

  • God is called the One Infinite Light in many Jewish Mystical texts.
  • These glasses I use in my spiritual healing clinic for treatment of trauma. My patients wear these glasses and look with these glasses into a wall mirror.
  • They see themselves in multiple reflections until infinity.

In the picture of me I am wearing Mirrored Glasses used in my clinic for healing trauma.  In this article I relate healing through interaction of mirrors with the eternal healing of the Messiah.

God is called the One Infinite Light in many Jewish Mystical texts.  He has also other names like compassionate one, merciful one, just one, sustainer, creator, the unity, God of love, the fearful God, Jesus, Allah, Brahma, Beautiful One, the giver of life, omnipotent, eternal God etc.

All the names of God are attempt to pinpoint his greatness.  They are all attributes of God but none of these names can approach his essence.  The name used most in Jewish Mystical texts is The One Infinite Light.

There are two aspects of Infinite God using the aspect of light, The One Infinite Light.  God is by definition One God so there may be a conflict to suggest that there are two aspects of Infinite light.  This conflict exists between the concept of God in Islamic religion and in Christianity.  Christianity came from Judaism which is believing in God the Infinite One, the infinite light.  Also Islam worships God the Infinite Omnipotent One, the Infinite light.  Both oppose Christianity.  However Christianity immerged from Judaism and Islam followed Christianity so there must be a connection somewhere between these three religions. 

The light of God the messiah is the infinite light of God but not the infinite light of God worshipped by Islam.  Islam may claim that the infinite light of God worshipped by Christians is a false God since there is only One God Allah which contradicts that there is another Infinite God who is not Allah.  Christians especially Pope Francis in his movement toward World Unity and Peace accepts the God of Islam and the God of Israel.  Of course they also believes in Jesus.  In the relationship between these religions which have been established in the world there is some confusion how they can unite when they disagree.

The One God is revealed in the world through two infinite lights; the infinite light revealed in Judaism and Islam and the infinite revealed through Christianity.  The infinite light revealed through Islam and Judaism is God as he exists above nature; in the heavens and above.  The God of Islam and Judaism is also called the hidden of hiddens, the unknown God, the God of vengeance and fear, the transcending light, the giver and enforcer of the law.  

Before Mount Sinai when the Jewish people received the Ten Commandments God was known to the world in relation to the beauty of nature.  The Greeks and Romans related God to Astrological signs.  There was worship of God in the image of animals, trees, man, and even inanimate.  God was revealed on Mount Sinai as the infinite God infinite light above nature.  The divine law given to mankind at Mount Sinai comes from God above nature.  There is even the commandment in the Torah not to worship God in the image of anything in the natural world.  Judaism and Islam both worship God in the formless as the infinite One the unknown related to Infinite light.  Islam today are very careful when they bow to God to remove from their minds anything in the physical world worshipping an empty space.  This type of worship follows fundamental Judaism even though today Judaism has adopted connecting to God through the secrets of the Torah which relate the attributes and names of God.  The revelation at Mount Sinai reinforced the belief in the Infinite God above nature.  It even prohibited in the law the type of worship connecting to God in nature.

To deny that God is also in nature on the earth and not only in the heavens is hard to accept.  To deny that God is above nature like was the custom of pagan faiths is also hard to accept.  People objected to the Law of God which denied that God also exists in nature in life, peace and happiness. People wanted a religion which accepted God in nature not only a God in heaven above nature.  Pagan faiths denied the existence of God above nature and a law of God which declared God is one and above all of the creation and the world.  The Jewish people established the belief in One God above nature a refutation to pagan faiths.  They cleansed the world from pagan faith and denial of an Omnipotent God who is above nature and the law of the One God in heaven who was revealed at Mount Sinai.  Judaism limits happiness in this world to the observance of the commandments of the Torah which are rituals customs of the religion where they used the physical world especially the land of Israel to make a dwelling place for God.  Judaism is not a denial of physical life.  Jews marry and have a family.  King Solomon built the holy temple in Jerusalem combining all aspects of nature and the performance of sacrifices with animals and birds at a specific time in a specific way taught in the Torah law. Jews are devoted to the service of God the Infinite One above nature and their nation Israel.  The nation in Judaism comes first before the happiness of the individual.

There remained after Mount Sinai the revelation of God the Infinite One within nature.  The written Torah the five books which Moses gave to the Jewish people had a place for the revelation of God the Infinite One within nature.  The Oral law which was dictated by Moses to the elders was for a religion of God to establish the nation of Israel representing the Infinite God above nature.  The written law included both aspects of God above nature and within nature. Moses the prophet of Israel in his divine plan given to him by God above had a place for two religions sharing the same Torah.  Judaism in the Oral Torah denies two religions sharing One Torah.  Jews do not accept Christianity; they go exclusively according to the Oral law. 

The revelation of a divine man who is the Messiah was not new to Judaism.  It was included in the first tablets of the Ten Commandments which were broken by Moses when he saw the worshipping of the Golden Calf.  This divine man was to be Moses after 120 years when he passed away.  A second set tablets with a new law was given by God to Moses after he was 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain without eating and drinking.  These tablets were for Judaism a National Religious State without a Godhead, a nation worshipping the Infinite One above nature. 

Christianity emerged after the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem a religion with a Godhead, eternal messiah representing the revelation of God in nature which came after his resurrection.  However Christianity did not come to replace Judaism but to be another religion in the world.  Personal happiness love and joy of God became more important than the sacrifice of animals on the altar of the temple.  Christianity has changed from its beginnings until today especially after it was accepted as the religion of the Roman Empire.  Originally it was to bring to mankind the revelation of the bliss and eternal happiness within nature exclusively in the heart of flesh of man.  The Torah of Moses had a place for the revelation of God the Infinite above nature which was fulfilled through Judaism; and the revelation of God in nature exclusively in the heart of soul of man.  Christianity adopted the Torah of Moses as part of its doctrine. 

Christians have a great potential to be eternally happy but their happiness depends on the belief in the Torah the five books of Moses.  They needs to believe not only in Jesus but also in the portion of the Torah which was given to the Jewish People even if opposes Jesus the Infinite God in nature.  There are two lights of the Infinite God above nature and within nature.  Christianity and Judaism, Islam and Christianity have existed as opposition poles of spirituality and religion.  Today has been born in the world the desire the unite them.  World faith needs unity to overcome the obstacles to faith which exist today from the time of World War II.  The fear of Nuclear War and destruction is hovering over the world.

Judaism needed a leader to join the world in Unity and Peace.  The main concern of Judaism has always been to reestablish their holy nation in Jerusalem.  For this purpose they have always prayed for the coming of the Messiah.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe of Brooklyn emerged in the last generation to represent the Jewish people in world faith.  He is considered by his followers to be the Messiah of Jewish Unity even after his death.  He represents the Jewish people in the world and their religion which believes in the Infinite God above nature.  Judaism and Islam fundamentally oppose Chrisitianity.  They may even be considered enemies of the belief in Jesus. 

However Jesus instructed his followers to love their enemies.  Christianity needs the connection to Judaism even if it opposes Christianity.  Judaism and Christianity are two opposing poles of spirituality male and female.  Jerimiah the prophet at the end of the destruction of the first holy temple in chapter 29 spoke about the unity of the two poles of spirituality the seed of the animal and the seed of the man.  In this way he promised would be revealed God to the whole world to children and adults.  Today there are two Messiahs in the world which represent the two poles of spirituality.  True happiness, and peace are the goals of the spiritual unity of the two infinite lights of God.  Jesus instructed his followers to love their enemies which means to love the Jewish people even if they are from the opposition.

I spent the Jewish New Year called Rosh Hashanna at the tomb of King David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem.  The place is packed all year with Christian tourists. There is a big argument and competition between Christians and Jews over the control of the Tomb of King David.   While I was on Rosh Hashanna at the tomb came a Christian woman who prostrated herself with great love at the tombstone of King David, she crossed herself several times and kissed the tombstone and left.  For her King David who is called the Messiah of the Jewish people connected her to Jesus. King David is compared to a rock in Psalms 118, “the rock inanimate from which was built the crown of God”.  The connection of Christians to Judaism and the Bible is not new, it is the connection to this rock.. 

In my picture connected with this article, I am wearing an interesting mirrored glasses which cover part of my face.  These glasses I use in my spiritual healing clinic for treatment of trauma.  My patients wear these glasses and look with these glasses into a wall mirror.  They see themselves in multiple reflections until infinity the interaction between two mirrors, an active mirror which the person wears and the passive inanimate mirror on the wall to make Infinite healing light.  Judaism is a religion which believes in God and the Torah with simple faith without meditation called reflection.  Christianity connects to the mirror of God.  They use this mirror as if it is attached to them but to create Infinite light within the soul it needs the connection to the wall mirror which is Judaism. Infinite reflected light is created by the interaction of two mirrors.  The revelation of the Infinite light of the soul requires two Messiahs, a messiah in heaven who looks down and a messiah on earth facing upwards which are two mirrors animate and inanimate two eyes of God.  The revelation of God on earth is the revelation of the two Messiahs an infinite light above nature and in nature.

Christians have a great potential to reach divine revelation peace and happiness through connecting the two messiahs since they are not limited like in Judaism to one way.  Perhaps there are sects of Christianity which preach one way and hatred of Jews, but it is not the way of the bible and the way of Jesus who preached love your enemy.  Orthodox Jewish and Islamic faiths maintain their faith in times of distress through sacrificing their own personal happiness for their religion and their nation.  Personal feelings and emotions are of less importance.  The Bible refers to Jews as stiff necked.  It is all in the divine plan of God the unity of faiths believing in the Infinite light of God above and the infinite light within who is the messiah of infinite reflections two mirrors that produce one light. The words of Ezekiel, “I will remove from you a heart of stone and change it over to a heart of flesh.”

Opportunity for investment:  If anyone feels connected to the idea of Infinite light healing these glasses are part of a stress control kit including a computer program which has never been marketed in America.  There is also a place for further development of the program for application on Android and Iphone.  “I recommend the computer program for children and adults to reach an emotional level of relaxation and inner peace.”  Signed C. Chakes PHD child psychologist, Texas

Infinite light healing is connected to the ultimate spiritual healing of the Messiah.  To know more:  Contact  


David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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