Interesting Rituals That Happen at Every Malayalee Wedding

Kerala is a diverse place, with many different religions cohabiting the seaside state, thus there are many different wedding customs that arise there.  It is interesting to see how each wedding is in some way similar to the other but, very different too. Malayalee weddings are the simplest and most uncomplicated weddings ever. Kerala is known for the best mix of traditional and unconventional marriages. Monsoon weddings are very famous in this region since it is a favorable climate. Several people come from different cities, or countries to celebrate their weddings due to Kerala’s splendid natural beauty. Let’s take a look at the rituals of Kerala weddings.

Mehendi Ceremony: A much celebrated ceremony among Keralites which usually takes place at the bride’s residence where the bride’s aunts apply mehendi on her hands.

Dakshina Kodukkal: During this ceremony the bride and the bridegroom receive blessings from the elderly by offering ‘Dakshina’ and show their respect and gratitude by touching their feet.

Haldi ceremony: During this ceremony the bride and the groom are applied with turmeric and sandalwood paste. In some parts of Kerala, christians also follows the haldi ceremony.

Engagement or Nischayam: This ceremony is conducted to share and celebrate the confirmation of marriage. As a part of this ceremony ring exchange will also take place.

Pudamuri: During this ceremony the bridegroom gifts a sari a blouse to the bride, which conveys that he is responsible for providing her life from now on.

Grihpravesh: The bride makes entry into the groom`s house in a ceremony called Grihpravesh.

For an ancient religion, its customs are as countless as they are timeless. Each and every custom and practice in a wedding ceremony has deep rooted philosophical and spiritual significance. Throughout the world every religious weddings adhere to these set of rituals and continue on the traditions of marriage that is unique amongst those in the world.
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