Interfaith Prayers to End Corona Plague

  • Interfaith prayers to end the Pandemic have been organized on two occasions in Jerusalem.
  • The religious representatives prayed silently together.
  • The Chief Rabbi David Lau mentioned that in the future is prophesized that all the peoples of the world will come to Jerusalem to pray together.

The Universal faith unites the whole world with the name of God which is Shalom or peace. The world should not have needed Corona the great equalizer to unite religions together in prayer. In Jerusalem was gathered together representatives of the major religions living in Israel in prayer and meditation to end the Corona Pandemic.

The two chief Rabbi of Israel.

The initiative was organized by the Jerusalem City Council on March 26.  At the interfaith gathering attended the heads of the three Abrahamic religions, together with other religious representatives. After the welcome of the Mayor of Jerusalem, the heads of the different faiths wanted to pray aloud one at a time. For the Christians the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophillus III spoke. Then there was a silent prayer in which each person prayed according to their tradition.

Each one of these religious leaders said their own prayer. The Christian leaders were asked which prayer they said silently.  Custos of the Holy land Fr.Francesco Patton said the Lord’s prayer which contains the words “deliver us from evil” which he felt was most effective at the moment. Also attending were Pierbattista Pizzabella Appostalic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Shlomo Moshe Amar, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Aryeh Stern, Druze Sheikh Muatef Tarif and two Muslim Sheikh.

Fr.Franesco Patton explained, Since I have been in Jerusalem this is the first time that I have been asked to meet and in respect to our faith pray to God that the Pandemic will end. The illness brings us back on our feet on the ground to our condition as creatures. Even though some have cultivated the delirium of omnipotence in a scientific interpretation or of human abilities, unfortunately this type of experience takes us back to the nudity of Adam, to the direct and immediate experience of fragility. “

The Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Lion commented, “Jerusalem is holy for the whole world. We have come here for a common problem. It doesn’t matter whether we are Christians, Jews or Muslims, we are praying to God to help us and there is no difference between people. I hope that what we have done today helps make Corona virus disappear from the world.”

Muslim and Jew pray together during rescue work.

Thirteen religious leader lead digital interfaith prayer session

On Wednesday March 26 prominent religious leaders from around the world held a virtual interfaith moment “hope and solidarity.” The session broadcasted on Facebook ended with a shared interfaith commitment that pledged both prayer and action in the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In Pakistan there was an interreligious disinfection and food campaign, Muslim volunteers entered mosques, churches and temples and distributed food to Muslims and non-Muslims.  The initiative was led by a political party devoted to social welfare. They left their message, “serving mosques churches and temples is a practical step toward religious harmony.”

About Corona the great equalizer was mentioned in another internet site:

“If Jesus Confucius or Buddha were all alive and gathered in the same place, would they argue who is right or would they admire and respect one another’s teachings. Religious conflicts cannot often be blamed on the founders of religion, but on their fanatical followers.”

Muslim and Druze unite.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau commented in the future is prophesized that will be rebuilt the holy temple in Jerusalem, “my house will be a place of prayer for all the people of the world.” This gathering is a beginning in the direction of World Unity and Peace created by the Pandemic Corona. We shouldn’t need a Pandemic to motivate the cause of World Unity and Peace, it should come without war and without disease.

In Jewish prayer books in especially difficult times is added the prayer “Our Father our King.”  In this prayer is repeated Our Father our King together with many requests.  One of these requests is:

“Our Father our King remove from your people this plague.”  For sure this was the prayer recited by the two Chief Rabbi of Israel. The Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged mankind to initiate Silent Prayer in schools attended by children of many faiths.  Each child and each person has a direct connection to God through meditation and silent prayer. Silent prayer from the heart is crown against Corona the virus with crowns of impurity and death.

On April 23 again the leaders of the Abrahamic faiths gathered together. This time the Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitchok Yosef attended as well as the Rabbi David Lau the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi. Rabbi Lau commented again that in the future all the peoples will be gathered together in peace to Pray in Jerusalem in the house of God. Rabbi Yosef spoke about the importance of faith in God even in these hard times. God has not forsaken us. We have to learn from the experience of Corona and improve our lives. Rabbi Yosef made the traditional prayer of “Our Father our King” including the request to end the plague.

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