International Holocaust Remembrance Day – A Letter to Pope Francis

  • Genocide is connected to Nationalism
  • Democracy is nationalism against genocide
  • Freedom of religion opposes religious genocide

Pope Francis on Wednesday marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp by urging people to keep a close watch on distorted ideologies. He said, “To remember is an expression of humanity. To remember is a sign of civility. To remember is a condition for better future for peace and fraternity.“

Interfaith prayer during Corona Pandemic.

Dear Pope Francis:

About what you said in reference to International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I feel it is important to understand the source of holocaust and genocide, to be able to prevent it in the future. Hitler used a philosophy called Nazism to justify genocide of the Jewish people as part of his plan to spread Nazism to the rest of the world.

He wanted to be a dictator and to conquer the world in the name of Nazism. He like other dictators in the past failed in his mission. His mission was to spread a philosophy. His philosophy would make the world united with the nation Germany, one world, one nation, one philosophy with the supremacy of the Arian race.

He chose the Jewish people as the scapegoat because the Jewish people represented an opposition culture and philosophy with a goal of uniting the world with the Old Testament, God and Zion. Judaism is a religion which preserves the remembrance of the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, the redemption of the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt representing God the creator of the Universe. The Jewish people have preserved the memory of this event in history. They are called the people of the Bible.

Moses the prophet wanted to end genocide. In the Torah there is a story of the Tower of Babel. Nimrod a dictator wanted to build a Tower and a nation with one language. He wanted to conquer the world. To conquer the world would demand genocide. God interrupted his desire and dispersed the people of the Tower of Babel throughout the world speaking many languages. Moses did not succeed. The process of removing genocide from the world would take a series of religious and secular national movements which would follow Judaism after the destruction of their second temple in Jerusalem. Judaism was the first attempt toward making one nation under God in the world. Shortly after King Solomon built the holy temple in Jerusalem, the nation divided into two parts.  Eventually was lost the ten tribes of Israel. Judah the main bloc of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism survived the destruction of the two temples and lives today preserving the memory of the giving of the Torah, the hope of a nation to return to its homeland in mercy and peace. However in Jewish law, there is genocide.

The next attempt to conquer the world with a religious philosophy was Rome and the Byzantine Empire.  Just like genocide was allowed in Judaism; also it was allowed in Christianity to missionize the world with the memory of Jesus a champion for the cause of freedom, recognized by Christians as the Messiah. In the book Mathew, Jesus summoned Moses and Elijah to be a witness of his mission to change the world and bring to the world the Messiah of Freedom. Jesus like Moses did not want to conquer the world but to end genocide. His followers changed over the hope of Universal Faith and peace into a national religion Christianity. If Jesus would have been successful would be overthrown the dictatorship of the Kingship of Israel that was established after the Sin of the Golden Calf, and the eternal souls of Moses and Elijah would become the Crown of their nation Israel and it would no longer be a dictatorship.

Mohammed was the next religious leader and prophet to organize another religious national movement worshiping God in the way that was done in Judaism without any form or image. From Islam was established the Ottoman Empire which battled with the Byzantine Empire. The Ottoman Empire with their doctrine of religious genocide was conquered after World War I.  There was always a universal hope from the first day of creation when the world was united by Adam in the Garden of Eden. Adam was worshiped by all the creatures on the earth until his downfall through eating from the Tree of Knowledge. He was exiled from the Garden of Eden with his wife Eve. The world became populated. Death and disease entered the world. Families became nations. There is no nation without a land. Nations fought over land. The earth became divided between them in the five continents. Each nation has a national soul fighting for its survival. Survival of a nation requires sometimes wars. In war there is genocide.

Genocide exists in times of war. Judaism, Christianity, Islam are national religions preserving the remembrance of the faith in God the creator of the Universe. Each one has their own prophet and their own law which is sanctified. Nazism, Communism, are secular national philosophies, one party nations. Theocracies are also one party nations. In a one party nation genocide is permitted.

National peace can sometimes come through violence, a war of a nation. Nationals preach that the highest level of perfection is to die for their nation whether it be theocracies or secular nations. Moses and Jesus taught that the highest achievement is peace which comes without violence. Natural life continues as populations grow. Nations grow as populations grow. There will always be nationalism as long as man is on earth. Man even Adam who was created by the hand of God was not perfect. Before could be achieved the perfection desired by the prohets; to reach to perfection there had to first be nations both religious and secular. Nationalism brought to the world genocide. Mankind learns from its mistakes. Perfection can only come through faith in the resurrection of the prophets of truth who desired true peace who are Moses Jesus and Mohammed.

In my last letter to you I mentioned about my revelation of the resurrection of Moses how in the divine plan only through the resurrection of Moses can be united all the religions which came after Mount Sinai. I wrote several books on the topic which have been published in Amazon Kindle Books. I expressed to you my desire to be able to spread the Universal Faith through the resurrection of Moses. God opened for me to be accepted to write articles for Communal News in the internet. I have already written over three hundred articles on spiritual topics including news articles some of which I published in my last book Articles at Communal News, the Revelation of the Messiah in the daily news. My letter to you will soon be published on Communal News.

Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneeron leader of the Chabad Chassidic movement.

The world is in a crisis with Corona Pandemic. I took your advice and vaccinated with Pfizer. However, the results of the vaccinations in Israel show that the protection of Pfizer is only partial. The whole solution consists of spiritual strengthening, medicines for prevention and treatment of Corona, and vaccines.

Losing a life from Corona or another cause is always called a tragedy, but for every good person there is a share in the afterlife and in the resurrection of the dead. This world is a corridor to the next world. God gave Adam dominion over this world a difficult task through which there is reward and punishment in the afterlife for devotion to truth and goodness. Adam had a Garden of Eden before he took on the task of building a dwelling place for God with his children which have already reached to 7 billion on the face of the earth. To feed and care for all the creations of God is needed technology.

Technology is not always enough. People are not made of iron. They have emotional needs and spiritual needs. The main job today of spiritual mentors more than religion is strengthening faith.  Moses stood on a mountain; his hands were held up by his two students while down on earth Joshua fought the war with Amalek. The belief in Moses the prophet of God protected the people below from losing faith during the war with Amalek. The war with Amalek today is the war with the Corona Pandemic. There were three saints who stood on the mountain during this war Amalek. Today there are Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed on the mountain in the supernal world united together in love and unity. Down in the valley there is still a war between nations and religions. There is a war with Corona virus. Religions and nationalism are important but faith is all that we have to stand on when the enemy Corona destroys our families.

There is one God but humanity is divided into nations. Adam the first man when he was alone had dominion over all of the creations of God. Adam has returned to the Garden of Eden after he lived on earth for 930 years recorded in the Bible. He gave seventy of those years to King David who lived 70 years. Adam and King David are both eternal souls. Their memory is supported by the two Messiahs of faith which have been revealed through Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The purpose of creation is to know God. God is revealed through Judaism and Islam as the unknown presence, who sits on the chair of justice. Through Christianity he is revealed as the God of mercy. Mercy and Justice are the two main attributes of God. With all that is known about God, he is forever unknown. His justice is unknown. His mercy is revealed but still hidden.

Amidst the Corona Pandemic, the representative of the major religions of the world gathered together in Jerusalem in interfaith prayer. The prophet of Baha”i faith introduced to Islam during the Ottoman Empire the concept of interfaith. He was put in prison for preaching interfaith. Interfaith cannot replace the Orthodox religions which it represents; but can prevent genocide and hatred between them. Just like the name of God written in the Bible has four letters; there has been revealed in the world of God three religions united by interfaith the fourth channel. In Judaism, has been revealed Progressive Jewish Spirituality through the Zohar the Book of Splendor and Chassidism. Besides nationalism there is today World Faith.

I consider you today, Pope Francis the leader of World Faith. I once followed a Guru Janardan in the 1970s who was devoted to Yoga Spiritual Unity through meditation and breath. I built a family as a Jew through Judaism under leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Today, I join you in the battle against Amalek, a battle for world faith amidst the Corona Pandemic. Faith together with religion is the foundation of peace. While the secular world scientists and politicians work to bring food and shelter to mankind; the work of peace belongs to religion and the connection to God. The name of God is Shalom.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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