Internet Shutdowns

  • Internet is sometimes called a friend and sometimes an enemy.
  • An internet shutdown happens when someone usually a government intentionally disrupts internet access to control what people say and do.
  • In Sri Lanka was killed over 300 people in the last terrorist attack. It would be preferable for them to fight it out on the internet rather than with violence.

The Internet is sometimes called a friend and sometimes an enemy. In th  small African nation of Chad, the internet has been closed for one year.  Chadians feel anger and  are revolting as they struggle without internet.

An internet shutdown happens when someone, usually a government, intentionally disrupts internet access to control what people say and do. Blackouts are sometimes called blackouts or kill switches.  The internet enables all our human rights.  When there is peace, people enjoy life with The Internet.  In times of war it may be better to close The Internet.

India, a democracy with the largest population, uses the tactic of closing The Internet more often than any other nation in the world. In 2016 India closed The Internet in Kashmir for 166 days due to disturbances in the area between Muslims and Hindus.

In 2018 India is reported to have made over 100 internet disturbances.

There are always reasons to shutdown The Internet.  There are also good reasons to enjoy The Internet. This is also a struggle for parents when it comes the education of their children.  There are many bad influences for both children and adults to easily find on The Internet.  It is almost impossible to find a perfect filter for The Internet.  There are always ways for people to find those internet sites which are dangerous to their health like pornographic sites, gambling sites and sites encouraging violence.  To close The Internet completely intrudes on human rights.

There are filters available for parents to use to protect the bad influences of The Internet on their children.

The Two Schools of Faith and Use of Internet

Orthodox religion almost always opposes the use of The Internet which interferes with their work of controlling their constituents from influences in the secular world or from other religions.  Each Orthodox religion teaches to limit their way of spirituality to one direction which is authorized in their law.  Sharia has one way.  Torah authorizes one way for Jews. Orthodox Christians also teach their faith and interpretation of scripture alone as the only way.

When asked Pope Francis endorsed the use of The Internet for his followers.  Many Christian leaders disagree with him and call him liberal.  In the Orthodox Jewish world The Internet is called the greatest enemy in the history of Judaism. Those that study esoteric religion and spirituality know that there are two sides to spirituality which are religion and faith.  There are two worlds of spirituality which are the heavens and earth.  These are also two sides.  Religion usually exclusively is concerned about the side of spirituality called earth which requires limiting or closing the use of The Internet.  On this side it is preferable to close oneself from knowing what is on the other side of spirituality called heavens.  Today it is almost impossible to reveal what is called Truth.  Truth combines and unites the two sides of spirituality.  In the history of Judaism which is also in the history of other religions there has always been opposition to reveal the two sides of spirituality called truth.

The nation of Chad has completely closed The Internet to its people for the nation is in the middle of civil war.  India closes The Internet when there is war in their provinces.  Religions are at war with the other side.  They prefer to close The Internet.  Children are sensitive to the bad influences of life and their parents and educators prefer to restrict their use of The Internet and smartphones.  There are many good reasons to limit or close The Internet. Terrorists sometimes use The Internet to enlist other terrorists.

Men of truth and peace use The Internet as the vehicle for spreading their important work of God.  The clergy sometimes emphasize religion; sometimes they emphasize truth and peace. It is very easy to see that religions are at war.  In Sri Lanka over 300 people were killed in the last terrorist attack. It would be preferable for them to fight it out on The Internet rather than with violence.

The world needs The Internet.  The world needs peace. The world needs religion. The world needs Men of Truth. God gave to us free choice to browse on The Internet.  Free choice is a gift from God not to be abused. You can find the men of truth on The Internet.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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