Interview with Sumit Kumar Mishra – The Young Director of CCPL

  • "The main aim was to become established. I had done a lot in my life."
  • "I would like to say that, why stop at one? If something stirs you, keep going!"
  • "It was difficult but I wasn’t one of the people who just give up."

For a man who initially started his career from coal mines, Sumit Kumar Mishra is a very educated and established man from Balgudar in Bihar. Let’s have a deep insight into his life, his work, and how he balances both of these things.

Interviewer: How did you begin with your career while you were still studying?

Sumit Kr Mishra: Actually, I had never entirely thought out about the things that will be taking place simultaneously, but I did have a very tough idea on what I would like to it. The theatre interested me so I joined Janya Katya Manch so that it would give me an opportunity. That was pretty great and as far as I remember, I’ve done more than 100 street plays in total. In fact, I was also given the opportunity to act in an international theatre festival for India. Mrs Sohila Kapoor loved my work and wanted me to participate, but I couldn’t do that because soon after I lost my father.

Interviewer: How did you manage after that? What kept you motivated?

Sumit Kumar Mishra: I would say that this incident completely changed me. It was surely the turning point in my life. I had a family to provide for, emotional needs to look after. It was difficult but I wasn’t one of the people who just give up. Since the theatre was my main interest, I started to teach in Manav Sathali, Ryan International, and some other schools in Delhi.

Interviewer: But right now you have different interests. Was this development voluntary?

Sumit Kumar Mishra: Yes, completely. I soon shifted to Ranchi, Jharkhand. Here, I had a friend who worked in coal mines and persuaded me to work there too, as a part of the administration. I think he saw that potentiometer in me. He was correct, I was very invested in this, so much that I established my own Gautam Industries, which is a soft coal plant. I had to get the license too, which wasn’t that hard.

Interviewer: What was your motive behind this?

Sumit Kumar Mishra: The main aim was to become established. I had done a lot in my life, and this was a great opportunity to expand my areas of interests and become someone from no one. I also created job opportunities for the common folks of Jharkhand, which is a huge help to our economy. Contributing to that isn’t very bad, isn’t it?

Interviewer: You have thought about the society along with your own benefits, that’s what we find inspiring.

Sumit Kumar Mishra: To be honest, this is the reason why I came up with the food chain idea so that I could help out the disabled who had no other source of income. ‘The-Cinnamon’ has around 3 vans currently, and has also managed to gain a lot of attention because of the Amazing food. Going to serve everyone the best things possible! I personally love good food. My “The Cinnamon Flavor Of Nature” Café is a direct outcome of that, this one is located in Kanpur. This is basically under my company Cinnamon Café limited.

Interviewer: So now you are the managing director in that company, CCPL, apart from leading 4 different companies- JMD Services, Vijeta Construction, Frontline Group and Cravants Media Pvt Ltd. That’s great! What’s your message to the future generations from your experiences?

Sumit Kumar Mishra: I would like to say that, why stop at one? If something stirs you, keep going! We all have great potential, begin with the first step and everything else will just follow.

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