iPhone 12- First Batch Sold Out

  • Apple no longer gives away chargers and headphones.
  • Apple’s official explanation is for environmental protection.
  • The actual fast-charging power of the iPhone 12 series will be higher.

Apple held its second new product launch conference this year and introduced the HomePod mini smart speaker and the new iPhone. At 8 o’clock in the evening on October 16, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro officially opened for pre-orders. E-commerce platforms such as JD.com and Tmall were all sold out within a few hours.

The iPhone 12 series

By the morning of the 17th, Apple’s official website showed that the delivery time of the iPhone 12 had changed to 5-7 working days, and the delivery time of the newly released blue version became 7-10 working days.

Apple no longer gives away chargers and headphones.

As expected in online rumors, the iPhone 12 series will no longer give away chargers. Moreover, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which sells for more than $1,493.07, does not have a charger and wired headset. In this regard, Apple’s official explanation is for environmental protection, because many users have idle chargers and headphones at home.

Frankly speaking, Apple will no longer give away chargers in the name of environmental protection. This explanation is far-fetched. To put it bluntly, the iPhone 12 series no longer give away chargers and headphones, the essence is to profit. Apple uses the name of environmental protection to cover up its profit-oriented ambitions, which is a usual trick.

For consumers, after Apple does not give away chargers, consumers can only buy them separately. Moreover, in order to force users to purchase chargers separately, Apple has dug a hole for consumers. From the information on the official website, the data cable presented by the iPhone 12 series is a USB-C to Lightning interface.

Previously, the data cable of the Apple mobile phone was a USB to a lightning interface, which meant that the iPhone 12 could not use the previous charger.

Another detail is that the iPhone 12 series supports 20W fast charging, while the previous Apple phones only support 18W fast charging. In the eyes of many people, the difference between fast charging is only 2W and can be ignored. In fact, the actual fast-charging power of the iPhone 12 series will be higher. For iPhone 11, Apple officially supports 18W fast charging, and the actual maximum charging power tested by the evaluation agency is about 24W.


Obviously, the fast charging power of Apple mobile phones is relatively conservative, and the actual charging power is higher. Since the evaluation agency has not yet obtained the iPhone 12, the actual charging power of 20W fast charging is still a mystery.

According to the past situation, the actual charging power should be around 30W, and it is not appropriate to use an 18W charger.

From the charging interface to the charging power, Apple has made improvements and upgrades. As long as consumers purchase the iPhone 12, they must purchase the charger separately.

On Apple’s official website, the price of a 20W charger is 22 US Dollars. In comparison, the third-party 20W fast charge is cheaper, ranging from more than 5 US Dollars to 15 US Dollars.

In terms of reliability, the third-party brand’s 20W charger has Apple’s official certification, but the workmanship is rougher, and the safety guarantee is still there. For fruit powder, the original charger is still the first choice.

It is not difficult to see that after no longer giving away chargers, Apple can increase profits through accessories. In addition, Apple will no longer give away wired headsets, which will also bring more profit to Apple.

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