Iran Denies the Holocaust in Europe and in Syria

  • Iran by denying the holocaust gives itself permission to make a holocaust in Syria and Israel.
  • Millions of Syrians are homeless without food and shelter God hears their cries.
  • President Trump is right - Iran should be forced to leave Syria and Lebanon.

The holocaust in which 6 million Jews died in Nazi work camps is difficult to deny. It happened only eighty years ago and it is all recorded in history and even filmed. Not only that over 40 million people died in World War II which began with Hitler imprisoning Jewish children in Germany and all of Europe. Many countries including Britain ignored the persecution of the Jews before World War II not considering it important.

Eventually all the world recognized that the persecution of Jews was only the beginning of an attempt by Hitler to conquer Europe or maybe the world in the name of German nationalism.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2016, the supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khameini made a statement in a video: Holocaust; The Dark Ages are over. He continued to mock remembrance of the Holocaust in Europe “No one in European countries dares to speak about the holocaust, while it is not clear that the core of the matter is clear or not. Even if it is a reality it is not clear how it happened. In May the regime the regime exhibited over 150 cartoons that denied or mocked the holocaust.

Today Iran has stepped into the affairs of the people of Syria to defend Assad against Syrians which has created another holocaust in the world of millions of Syrian refugee’s men, woman and children without a home. The cries of widows, orphans, and the elderly have been heard by God and he has sent the world a plaque called Corona virus. The denial of Iran of the holocaust in Europe gave Iran permission to defend Assad against the Syrian rebels who have suffered under the leadership of the Assad regime.

A holocaust in Syria. The suffering Syrians cry out for help. The result Corona virus

Like before World War II the world ignored the persecution of Jews which Khameini called Dark Ages, the world refuses to listen to Pope Francis who has called for the world to intervene in the plague of death which the Syrian Muslims have experienced from when began the Syrian civil war in 2011.  This war became a second holocaust as Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah entered the war to defend the Assad regime. Russia does not deny the holocaust and Putin attended Holocaust Remembrance Day this year, but Russia has been pulled into this conflict which is complicated for everyone to distinguish between terrorists ISIS and civilians with human rights. Iran and Hezbollah has motives in joining Assad to strengthen its own control of the Middle East in which Israel is their major enemy.

God has heard the cries of the Syrian refugees and the Corona virus has come to wake up the world to reveal the responsibility of the world to protect innocent civilians. The United Nations was set up for this purpose but it has not been able to clarify who is right in this conflict and to take action.  The Jewish people are after a holocaust and the whole world are after World War II.  Those that deny the holocaust of World War II are the enemies of God and humanity. The suffering which Corona afflicts the world is nothing compared to the suffering of these Syrian refugees. They have to be help to return to peaceful life in their land.

In whichever way humanity has accepted to defend the justice of God whether it be as a Jew, Muslim, or Christian there is a common bond between all religions which have come after Mount Sinai when came revealed the sacred scriptures of the Bible. No one religion can claim to be the only representative of the One God or to have the Law of the One God. God and his Law are one. Just like God is above the understanding of man; also the essence of his law is unknown. Therefore after Judaism has come Christianity and Islam. The strength of these religions are in acceptance of their law but to deny freedom is limit God who is infinite. Therefore in Baha’i faith religion and freedom are united together.  Baha’i faith was established in the late 1800s in Acre of the Ottoman Empire uniting Judaism and Islam with Christianity with each religion remaining sovereign.

Uniting religion with freedom was the goal of Moses when was established the Biblical Nation of Israel which was a theocracy without freedom. Each of the religions which came after Judaism Christianity and Islam were established according to their law without freedom. The prophet Baha”i was the first to unite these religions together each of the three prophets Moses, Mohammed and Jesus to reveal World Faith in a way it was never revealed before. Religion is the way of God without freedom. exodus which was revealed by Moses, the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, the splitting of the Red Sea, the war with Amalek, and finally the revelation of God at Mount Sinai have today reached its culmination in Baha”i faith and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Baha’i has come from a new prophet of Islam like Christianity came from Jesus a new prophet in Israel. Progressive Jewish Spirituality has come from the Book of Splendor called the Zohar revealed in the 1200s.

Iran denies the holocaust. They deny the resurrection of the prophet Mohammed like they deny the resurrection of Moses and Jesus. They deny the name of God which is Salem and the revelation of Salem which the world needs today. Shalom.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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