Iranian Schools Reopen Slightly Partial Amid Coronavirus

  • Students were required to attend school in person today.
  • "This year is a year of strict discipline for students, something like the training camps of the armed forces,"
  • One of the criticisms of the Ministry of Education is the lack of e-learning facilities in many parts of Iran

The beginning of the academic year  in Iran due to the coronavirus outbreak was held in the virtual presence of Hassan Rouhani. This year, schools will start operating while there is still ambiguity about whether classes will be held in person or virtually. The students watched a video call to start off the year.

Hassan Rouhani is an Iranian politician serving as the seventh and current President of Iran since 3 August 2013. He was also a lawyer, academic, former diplomat and Islamic cleric.

While students were required to attend school in person today, Saturday, September 5, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani held a “video conference” to mark the start of the school year. “This year is a year of strict discipline for students, something like the training camps of the armed forces,” Rouhani said at the ceremony. “Discipline has always been a principle in the classroom and at school, but this year discipline is an important principle. The student must observe the social distance.”

The Minister of Education, Mohsen Hajimir Mirzaei, had recently announced that schools across Iran would be reopened on September 6th. “Of course, if we encounter a widespread outbreak of coronavirus, which is announced by the Ministry of Health, the presence of students in those areas will be eliminated, otherwise schools will be open in all parts of the country from September 6,” Hajimirzaei was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

Warning About The Occurrence Of A Human Catastrophe

Abbas Aghazadeh, chairman of the General Assembly of the Medical Organization of Iran, warned that this “could turn into a humanitarian catastrophe in the shortest possible time.”

In an open letter to the National Anti-Coronavirus Headquarters, chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, Aghazadeh stressed that the “order” of the “Minister of Education” was in line with the prevalence of the Coronavirus and the red situation in many parts of the country. “It does not match.”

He called it “endangering the lives of millions of students and teachers and their families, and the involvement of experts in the field of how to deal with the disease by non-health officials.”

On Saturday morning, the beginning of the new school year, as in previous years, was symbolically held by ringing the bell of the “Adolescents” school on Farjam Street in Tehran. President Hassan Rouhani attended the ceremony virtually via video conference.

Schools Deprived Of The Least Facilities

One of the criticisms of the Ministry of Education is the lack of e-learning facilities in many parts of Iran; There are many schools in Iran that are deprived of the least cooling and heating facilities.

Students and their teacher attend their class after the opening ceremony of the Hashtroudi school in Tehran, Iran, September 5, 2020.

According to the IRNA news agency, Mohsen Hajimirzaei told reporters on the sidelines of the school reopening ceremony: “Education is proceeding within the framework of the National Anti-Coronavirus Headquarters regarding the reopening of schools and is subject to them; “therefore, we will not have the slightest deviation in the field of health.”

The Minister of Education says that a group that is unable to attend classes due to illness or a large number of students in schools is taught virtually. A few days ago, he said that for students who do not go to school on even or odd days, education is followed virtually, and the radio station offers courses in this field for all levels.

Happy Network- A System For The “Near Future”

Happy Network is an application on which students and teachers can communicate. Apparently, the network has not been fully operational yet, the Shahrivar 13 Journalists’ Club reported, quoting Shad Network project manager Hassan al-Husseini, that an “extensive technical team” has been activated to solve problems. He expressed hope that this would be done “in the near future.”

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